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Reasons to be Cheerful 2015-05-28


Reasons to be Cheerful


How is your week going so far? The week after a bank holiday always seems a little odd, doesn’t it?

Here are my reasons to be cheerful this week:

Salisbury Festival – We are so lucky to live in a city that has an amazing arts festival every year. This year is the first that S has been old enough to enjoy it – so we took full advantage of all the free entertainment on the opening weekend! There was so much going on this weekend, it made me really glad to live somewhere with all this literally on our doorstep.

Cuddles – S has been poorly lately, and seems to be waking every evening, crying. It’s tiring and stressful for me, especially if I have work to get done before I can go to bed – but I’ve found the best way to cope is to admit defeat and just go to bed with her. If I have work to finish, I will bring my laptop to bed with me and type while she rests (or watches Mary Poppins) next to me. It’s easier to remind myself that all too soon, she will be too grown up for kisses and cuddles and sharing my bed. So I am trying to make the most of it now.

Mumsnet – A while back an email came round from the Mumsnet Blog Network asking for volunteers to attend a press screening of a new TV show starring Stephen Mangan. I volunteered on the offchance… and got it! So next week I’m off up to the Big Smoke to watch a TV show in a posh hotel with a friend. As it happens, it’s the day before my birthday too so I can legitimately count it as my birthday celebration. Double win!                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

What are you grateful for this week?


Reasons to be cheerful



Reasons to be Cheerful

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  • Ojo Henley


    I'm with you 100% on the climbing in to bed with her. Why not? I always had an answer for those that said I was making a rod for my own back: 'my rod, my back......what's the problem?' My children are growing up to be loving adults, my eldest is 17 and will still give me a cuddle. Enjoy the hotel! I would definitely count that as a birthday treat xx Ojo Henley recently posted...Reasons to be CheerfulMy Profile

  • Kate Holmes


    Thanks for the heads up on the Salisbury festival - will have to look into that as not that far from us really. Sorry your daughter not too good but yes cherish those snuggles. My daughter is 11 and still loves my bed more than hers. Love the treats blogging brings our way - enjoy! Kate Holmes recently posted...Who wants a free ticket to BritMums Live 2015?My Profile

  • sarah


    Aww, I hope your little one is better soon! It's no fun when they're poorly :( But you're right too soon she'll be grown up. Lovely post. xx sarah recently posted...Being Thankful, happy and cheerful!My Profile

  • Looking for Blue Sky


    Hope S is better soon so you can enjoy the festival and TV show all the more x Looking for Blue Sky recently posted...Reasons to be cheerful 28.5.15My Profile

  • Becky @lakessinglemum


    Hugs are magic! Your festival sounds fab Becky @lakessinglemum recently posted...Reasons to be Cheerful - the Colourful One #R2BCMy Profile

    1. Vicky Charles


      You're so right about the hugs - they can cure most things!

  • mummy here and there


    Great list - gotta love free stuff. Your show sounds ace,hope you have lots of fun #thankfulthursday mummy here and there recently posted...SunshineMy Profile

  • Karen


    Ooh I love Steve Mangan and his new show looks aces. Hope as is feeling more settled but you are right the cuddles are definitely too precious to miss out on #thankfulthursday Karen recently posted...DFDS 20th Anniversary Day CruiseMy Profile

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