Goal Setting for Greatness 2015-05-11


Goal Setting for Greatness

Hello and welcome to my first ever Goal Setting linky. Here’s how it works. You can set yourself some goals, and join up to the linky – then we all leave positive and supportive comments on each other’s posts. Next week, we all come back and review how we did with this week’s goals, and then set some more.

I also set myself monthly goals, which you are of course welcome to join in with.

The only rules are that you must visit the two people directly ahead of you, and leave a supportive comment on their blog. There’s also a badge at the bottom of the page to add to your post.


Goals for May

Bring More Money Through The Door – For all my running around in April, I ended the month £100 down on the month before. My goal for May is to make that £100 back, plus more on top if I can.

Improve Blog Traffic – My over all page views for April were down around 800 on March. In May I would like, at the very least, to beat my April total, and hopefully to beat March too. In theory, this should be easier as there are 31 days in which to do so.

Get to Inbox Zero – At the time of writing, I have 110 unread mails in my email. This is partly due to the fact all of the clever Gmail rules I set up to send junk mail straight to the bin seem to have undone themselves (has anyone else had this happen?), and partly because I’m just terrible for just not reading mails, thinking I’ll come back and open them when I have time to deal with them or something. In the meantime, 50 more junk mails come in, and the one mail I wanted to read is buried. No more! I want to empty my mailbox out, and deal with everything – so that when a new and exciting opportunity lands in my mailbox, I won’t miss it!



Last Week’s Weekly Goals


Send 3 pitch emails – I actually sent more than three! I spent some time going through my old contacts as well as coming up with new ones… and I’m quite pleased with myself!

Write at least 3 “extra” posts – As I mentioned in this post, I have a regular schedule of fifteen posts per week and my goal this week was to write another three on top. I did that, and then some! First I wrote this post about bulletproof coffee, then there was this one about how to decrease your bounce rate,  then 7 ways to boost your Facebook page, 3 years as a single mum and more. Considering I spent a lot of time scratching my head, I’m actually surprised to find I had a good week, blog-wise, with 20 posts over all.

Get rid of junk mail – The plan was to cut down on the unwanted mail that comes into my mailbox every day and makes it so hard to see the genuine emails. I’ve deleted hundreds, and unsubscribed from lots too – but they keep on coming! It doesn’t help that Gmail’s filters all seem to have failed. I had literally hundreds set up to move different emails into different folders, depending on what they were – and a whole host of emails were being sent directly to trash because I couldn’t unsubscribe. (I’ve unsubscribed from a Runners’ World email several times but they still keep sending me emails). Now it all just bundles into my email every few minutes and I can’t keep track of what I’m doing. If anyone’s able to help with the Gmail filters thing, do please yell.

zig ziglar goal setting quote

This week’s goals

Make a To-Do List every evening – I have so much to cram into this week, including some training sessions and meetings, and I want to make sure I don’t end up rushing downstairs at 11pm to grab my laptop and quickly finish something I’d promised by 9 the following morning but not written down – and had of course forgotten until just as I fell asleep. To-do lists are the way forward, and I need to start using them to get the most out of my day.
Promote my blog posts on all platforms – I want to come out of this month showing a clear increase in blog traffic – but week on week, day on day, I don’t want to be watching my stats and worrying about how to increase my pageviews. Which is why last week I set the goal of posting more original content. This week, I want to remember to share all of my posts (where relevant) on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flipboard, Stumbleupon and Google+. As a general rule I tend to focus on Facebook and Twitter and the others are quite hit and miss so I want to see what difference it’ll make if I can promote across all platforms for a week.
Get down to 50 unread mails – at the time of writing, I have 102 unread mails. I’m fairly sure that although some of these were relevant enough to be left unread and clogging up my inbox at the time they came in, by this point several weeks later, they’re somewhat out of date and useless to me. I want to go through and delete, delete, delete. Or at the very least, file, file, file!
Now it’s your turn! If you’d like to join in please add the badge below to your post, and link it up here:

Goal Setting for Greatness

This linky will be live until Friday evening, so feel free to add a post later in the week if you’ve not got round to setting any goals yet.

Vicky is a single mother, a blogger, a podcaster and a social media trainer. You can find her blogging, business and social media tips at VickyCharles.com.

  • Morna piper


    What a great idea- I've just written the quickest ever post but I'm determined to stick to this and come back every week. I'm so impressed at your goals- my inbox has over 1000 unread e-mails - mainly junk and I'm doing well to post 3 times per week! I'll come back later today and see who else has linked up- thanks for hosting :) Morna piper recently posted...Baker Days cakes My Profile

    1. Sarah


      I had to do a little searching for your goals post: here's the link I found: http://awesomeausterity.com/?p=595 Sarah recently posted...ImpossibleMy Profile

    2. Vicky Charles


      Ah thanks Morna, I hope you find the weekly posts useful!

  • Random Musings


    What a fab linky idea, I love positive, supportive posts. Well done on not only meeting but exceeding last week's goals! Thank you for hosting the #goalsettinglinky Debbie www.myrandommusings.blogspot.com Random Musings recently posted...R Is For Reasons I'm HappyMy Profile

    1. Vicky Charles


      HI, I have to admit it's not my idea - I used to join in with a weekly linky on The Nectar Collective but it ended a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't find another to join in with. I'd enjoyed having the weekly accountability so decided to set up my own!

  • Sarah


    Thanks for this! I stumbled upon this post via Twitter, and made a quick post of my goals. You can find it here: https://fictionaslife.wordpress.com/2015/05/11/goals-week-of-may-11/

  • Elle Knowles


    I love that I am not the only one with an overflowing email box! I have four - yes that's sad- email accounts on my phone. They all represent different aspects of my life. Saturday I had 926 emails staring me in the face. Like you, I always say I am going to get to them. I started deleting and I'm down to 322 now. Still aways to go! Some need to be filed and some trashed! Good luck in your goals. ~Elle Elle Knowles recently posted...Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #32My Profile

    1. Vicky Charles


      Oh wow Elle, you make me feel better! I've got mine down to 70 but need to start unsubscribing and re-doing my Gmail filters. I have about 5 addresses but they all feed in to the one Gmail. Hopefully I can get to the fabled "inbox zero" by the end of the month!

  • Leandra


    I'm so sorry, after my initial enthusiasm at the weekend, this post just got put to the bottom of the pile! Will try harder in future, because it's such a great idea! Promotion! Great goal, I really need to get onto that, last week I joined in lots of linkys and facebook groups and noticed a ridiculous increase. Must pop that on the list for next week! I get nothing done without a to do lis. These nothing better than the feeling of crossing off each item. Your week sounds busy, in a good way, I'm sure you'll manage to meet your goals. Great linky, thanks so much for hosting. xx Leandra recently posted...|CREATE|VE Day medalsMy Profile

  • Leigh - Headspace Perspective


    A great idea Vicky. There's a quote I read about writing down your goals makes you more likely to achieve them. Will try to join in xxx Leigh - Headspace Perspective recently posted...The Feigned Calmness of the Broken-Hearted MotherMy Profile

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