We love the sunshine. As soon as the sun is out, we’re up and outside, wanting to play. S will decide which park she wants to go to (either the yellow gate or the green gate) and off we go. Living in town means we can pop to the park for a while, come home for a drink and a wee (the joys of potty training) and then go back out, perhaps to a different park. Perhaps even with the scooter!

fun in the sun


S loves to get me to follow her onto the equipment, down the slide and all over the place – which is fine when there are no other children about, but a bit awkward if there are 50 kids on the slide and S is standing there going “come on Mummy!”


S absolutely loves the park, and would happily spend all day there. She wears sun cream, but that doesn’t help with her sensitive skin. She often gets dry patches of skin on her forearms – I think from overzealous use of soap when washing her hands. The sunshine can make this worse, and it becomes quite uncomfortable for her.

Fun in the sunBecause she loves the park so much, S will happily run around and just ignore any tingly feeling she gets in her skin from the heat. It’s more important to her that she gets maximum time running around and playing; she often doesn’t mention that her skin feels ” a bit funny” until we’re home.


I hate to stop S from going to the park just because of her skin. No parent wants their child to have to miss out on playing and having fun – but they don’t want them to come home feeling rubbish, with itchy sore skin either. So we’ve developed a bit of a routine when it comes to playing outside in the sun.

fun in the sun
We put on sun cream before we go out of course, but when we get back we will play a little game of “where does it itch” and put some Aveeno on her skin. Then there’s a shower before bed, after which we apply more Aveeno. S loves to watch the cream come out of the bottle because it looks like a wriggly worm!

New Aveeno Book
Aveeno have a lovely new book out called Happy Skin Holidays which is about a little girl called Ellie who suffers with dry skin. S loves the story because Ellie has a pet gecko – and he’s hiding on the pages so she can play hide and seek with him. The Aveeno books are great because they normalise the idea of having to put cream on itchy skin. I don’t want S to feel like she’s the only person who has to do this, or that she has to not do certain things because of her skin. It’s a great book to read at bed time, after we’ve put S’s cream on after a fun day outside in the sun.

You can download a copy of Aveeno’s new ebook here


Now all we need is more sunshine so that we can practise a little more – and spend more time at the park!

fun in the sun
Thank you to Aveeno for sending us a copy of their new book, and a lovely Go Pro camera to record these videos with!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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sangeetha menon · 29/05/2015 at 09:38

Could really makeout how much S is enjoying in the sun. Good that you are taking adequate care for her in the sun.

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