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Today’s #DayInTheLife post is from Candace at Us Three By The Sea. Candace is a single parent to 2 tweens: The Boy (12) and The Girl (11). Their father has not been a part of their lives now for nearly six years and it was his choice to walk away and not support them either emotionally or financially. Candace and her family are owned by 4 cats, 2 rabbits and 9 chickens.
This is a day in Candace’s life…
Both The Girl and I have Rheumatoir Arthritis and The Boy is currently undergoing hospital appointments, tests and physio to ascertain whether he has it too. It means we struggle with daily activities and walking. We need to get up early as joints are pretty stiff for a few hours so we all get up early to enable us to get moving and a little less stiff. It does impact on all our lives but we deal with it as there is no way that it is going to get the better of us.
We live in a holiday seaside town in Wales, just 126 steps from the sand. We have lived here since February 2-13, when we moved from the Midlands. I really do love it here, and nothing would make me move back from this calm, quiet, relaxed life we now live. I’m self employed and have a toy shop called Lou Lou And Jim Jams Toys.
This is what a typical week day looks like for me right now:
5:45am: Alarm goes off. I need 15 minutes to wake up before I get out of bed.US 3 By The Sea
6am: Second alarm goes off. I get The Boy up to take pain killers. He is having problems with his joints right now and needs tablets to get moving in the mornings. I get a mug of tea, the bigger the better, and make the school lunches.
6:15: Third alarm goes off. The  Boy ges washed and dressed for his paper round; I put on the washing machine and put clean dishes away. I struggle to do some of the household chores; I’m quite tall and as silly as it sounds, the fact I have to slightly bend to wash up is really painful. I tend to do around half a bowl at a time maximum, and then need to wait another 15-30 minutes before I can do a little more. This means washing up takes a long time and is undertaken in small batches throughout the day.
6:40: Fourth alarm goes off. The Boy leaves for his paper round. He is having to leave a little earlier than usual as due to the joint problems he is struggling to ride his bike and has to walk so it takes him a little longer. Meanwhile I go back to bed to check emails and social media and drink my second mug of tea.
7am: Fifth alarm.  Get The Girl up. Meds, washed, dressed and breakfast. I’m out of bed, pottering about in my PJs, trying to get on top of more washing up and other household jobs; the things that are never ending with kids.
7:45: The Boy gets home from his paer round, changes into school clothes and has breakfast.
8am: Eighth alarm. Time for them to leave for school. Peace. I have breakfast, shower and dress. This is also the time I tackle work social mdia for the day. Our high school takes in many children from the surrounding villages and they tend to come to school by either train or bus. As these both only run every two hours the school day is structured aroun the buses and trains. The kids start at 8:30 and finish at 2:45 with only a 45 minute lunch. A short day, but it works and I find the kids are less tired than they were before we moved to Wales.
9:40: I leave for work. I will be at the shop until 2pm at this time of the year, five days a week. Living in a holiday seaside town, it’s very quiet at this time of year. From May half term until the end of September, I will be open all day though. This is the period when 85% of my shop trade occurs. Over the Winter months most of our trade comes from internet sales which tend to really drop off during the summer months when the majority of families are on holiday.
2:30pm: I’m usually back home by now at this time of year. I’ll have lunch and rest my aching joints for around 30 minutes whilst catching up on social media. Do to side effects from my medication I also have osteoarthritis in most joints and I have serious problems with my lower back. Lying in bed on my side for a short period of time is usually essential at this time of day. The kids usually go to the library after school until 4pm with their friends, where they do their homework, or go to homework club at school. Homework club gives them the opportunity to get help from their teachers. It works so well doing this, as they then know their time at home is theirs. I’m lucky to have two very bright children who work hard.
5pm: I usually start making our evening meal about now. I cook our evening meal from scratch, something I love doing. There is always a meal plan for the week as I find it saves food waste and money. It’s often on the blog but some weeks doesn’t quite make it.
6pm: Around now we will sit down for our evening meal all together. It’s something I insist on. The kids will lay the table, clear up after and more often than not help to cook too. I love this part of family life. Spending time together to talk about our day. I hope it will continue as they get older. I try to get in a little 10-minute walk along the seafront to blow away the cobwebs.
7pm: We have ten minutes of family tiy up time; a concentrated tidy up of the house. Life is chaotic if we miss this. I also feel it is essential that both kids learn to complete jobs around the house. It is my aim for them to be domesticated when they leave home.  By now my joints have given up, and I’ll usually be found in my PJs lying in bed in front of the TV. I’ll be catching up on any toy work I need to do: admin; website pdates; social media … or on social media myself.
8pm: I’m strict about bed time. I’ve been told I’m too strict, but we tent og et up early and a side effect of Rheumatoid Arthritis is tiredness. Both kids are horrid when they’re tired. By 8L30 both are sound asleep.
9pm to 12pm: My sleep pattern is awful and I will fall asleep any time between 9pm and midnight. Some nights I will have a solid block of sleep, or more usually there will be lots of waking in the night. I know I clearly need more than I get.
That’s us. Nothing over exciting to be honest, but I wouldn’t change it one little bit!

Candace is taking part in my #DayInTheLife project, a series of posts where people write about their typical day. If you would like to take part, please fill in the form on my blog post here.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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