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This is a day in Sophie’s life…
Ok, so typically, we don’t have to get up very early at all; 4 days of the week, I’m a bit naughty and don’t bother setting an alarm! Sprogtrainride will tend to wake me up around 8ish, sometimes she’ll play in the bedroom for about half an hour while I snooze, though it’s that weird mummy-sleep where I’m still very much aware of what she’s up to! Them mornings are good hough teehee! Then we’ll mosey in to the kitchen and I’ll whip up breakfast for Sprog, and try to force some fruit or “wheaty biscuits” or a Hi Fi bar down my neck as well as spending a fair bit of time trying to wake up completely with coffee. On these days where we don’t have any commitments to leave the house for, I’ll tend to do bits of housework through the day, as well as trying to spend equal amounts of time with Sprog doing stuff. She’s really been enjoying jigsaws recently! Or we’ll do some baking, or play dough or painting! I’ll somehow manage to squeeze lunch in for somewhere between 12-2 (I’m terrible at keeping time on these days!), and then try to start cooking dinner around 4-4.30ish to have it on the table for somewhere after 5ish. Sprog gets even more screen time while I cook, although that still doesn’t seem to stop her frequently coming to ask for hugs and try to drag me off to play more games and activities! Not that I let her, we gotta eat! Hehe
Sprog and I will watch the Bedtime Hour on CBeebies together, meaning snuggles before bed whilst going brain dead with In The Night Garden, we’ll have a story or two, then I’ll get Sprog ready for bed for a little after 7! She tends to have a bath before bed every other night, as I don’t want to dry her skin out, she’s got weird little pimples over her arms, though they seem to be less noticeable than they used to be! If she goes to sleep nicely, I’ll get to spend a long evening to myself, where I’ll do some washing up from dinner, sort any washing out, or ironing, or watch a film or just while time away on my laptop, or if I’m really lucky, I’ll get a friend visit for a few hours, watching a film and drinking tea or something. 😊
Some days where we don’t have any commitments, on a Friday for instance, there’s story time at the library in town, which is free and lots of fun, as they also sing nursery rhymes! Or we might go to visit my nan for the day, or if we’re really lucky, we’ll get to see a friend for coffee or a playdate! We used to go to a playgroup, but it was very clicky, and I felt we were being excluded and pushed out of the group….
The other days, we’ll have an alarm set for about 6 or 7: Tuesdays, Sprog sees her dad, I’ll drop her in town for a handover and maybe coffee at about 10.30ish, if we’re not running late…. We’re late most days… I know, I’m awful! Then I pick her up again, usually about 4.30ish. Wednesdays, we go to my Slimming World weigh in and meeting for 9.30 on the high street. It has been Mondays and Thursdays Sprog goes to nursery in town for 8-1, but I’m currently in the process of putting her in another nursery over the road from us, and on Wednesday and Thursday mornings instead!

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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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