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A Snapshot from our Salisbury Festival Weekend


Each Summer, Salisbury has an arts festival. The opening weekend has grown into a fantastic event with free entertainment all over the city as well as all sorts of other things. Added to that, we heard one of our favourite authors would be in our local Waterstones on Sunday morning reading her latest book. What a weekend!
Here are some of our highlights of the weekend:
Abie Longstaff at Waterstones:
I’m rubbish and forgot to take any photos of story time – or of the fun we had afterwards playing hairdresser with all the dolls and hair clips Abie brought with her! We also sat at the craft table and made glittery fish, which S absolutely loved… we’re both still covered in glitter. Win.
Waterstones Salisbury Craft
Gandini Juggling
Photographs cannot hope to do this justice; they were amazing. Six people juggling in sync, incorporating dance routines and all sorts…
Juggling GandiniHere’s a short video from the performance we saw part of on Sunday morning:

There are lots more videos from the weekend on my YouTube channel
Gandini Juggling Salisbury Arts Festival

On Monday, as soon as we left the house S asked if we were going to see the juggling – so we found out when their next performance was, and settled in to watch the whole thing… I was surprised to find it ended like this! S loved watching all the juggling, but when they started taking their clothes off she was rooted to the spot, completely dumbfounded. A fantastic performance!

Stefano Di Renzo

We caught this performance almost by mistake; we were walking past when we realised it was about to start, so we sat down.

Stefano Di Renzo
There is a certain amount of skill involved in acting like you’re incapable, while all the while being entirely capable. This act started with a ball in a cup and quickly turned into a tightrope routine like you’ve never seen before.

Stefano Di Renzo

We both really enjoyed this performance and were enthralled by Stefano Di Renzo’s balancing antics
Stefano Di Renzo In this short video you can hear S’s enjoyment…


There were loads of other performances throughout the weekend, but I didn’t get any good photos or videos of the ones we caught. There was so much going on in town this weekend though and we had a fantastic time. There was a real festival atmosphere, with an international market and live band playing in the Guildhall Square between performances.

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    Wow, what an eventful weekend. I can't imagine how fascinated S must have been; I am just reading about it. 6 people juggling and dancing at the same time .... what skill. #PointShoot Adventures of a Novice Mum recently posted...My Sunday Photo 13My Profile

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