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Hello! How has your week been? Here are five things you really need to know about this week…

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1. Monday 11th: S Club 7 at the BIC

Remember S Club 7? They’re back! After their successful appearance on Children in Need last year, their album did quite well so they announced the Bring it All Back arena tour. This tour only visits 11 places, and the BIC is one.

When I first looked at the promo photos for this tour, I didn’t recognise several of them and thought they might have done that classic “reunion” thing of replacing a couple of people who didn’t fancy coming back. But upon closer inspection, it seems it is all seven original members – some of them just look very different. And not all in a bad way.

2. Tuesday 12th: Thomas the Tank 70th Anniversary

This Tuesday sees Thomas’s 70th birthday. The books were first written by Reverent Wilbert Awrdy in 1945 to entertain his son Christopher, who was recovering from measles. It had its UK TV debut in 1984, with Ringo Starr famously narrating it, and is still wildly popular with children. S is 3 and loves her Thomas duvet cover – I’m not allowed to sit on him when I read stories on the bed! The show is CGI now, but the original shows are available on Netflix and we love them!

The show we all know and love began in 1984 but there were other attempts to turn the Awdry books into TV shows as early as the 1950s, including one show where after a train came off the tracks, a big hand came down and righted it – something that made the papers the next day!

Ringo Starr famously narrated the show in the 80s, but what I hadn’t realised was that he only did two season – after that they had a whole host of different voices.

3. Thursday 14th: Mary Rose at Night

It turns out “museums at night” are a thing – there are “at night” events going on at lots of museums. The Mary Rose museum has loads going on, calling it “Tudor fun and frolics.” You can dress in historical costumes and learn to dance and write like a Tudor, as well as hear stories about the ship and crew, and meet Henry VIII. I remember doing a whole term about the Mary Rose when I was at school; I assume children still do these days, in which case this would be great for them, really bringing the period to life.

Tickets are £5 per person, or a family ticket for 2 adults and 2 children is £15.

4. Saturday 16th: Countryside Day at Sparsholt College

This sounds like so much fun. Sparsholt has a 450-acre campus, and they really enjoy showing off everythng they have to offer. Their countryside days see them opening up the whole campus and letting everyone get involved. There are gundog displays, angling, clay pigeon shooting, pony rides, live dissection and chainsaw carving to mention just a few.

Each year Sparsholt welcomes over 10,000 people to this event and I can see why; it looks like there really is something for everyone!

5. Sunday 17th: Mindfulness Walk at Durlston Country Park

Mindfulness has been a big thing in the media lately, as people have said it can be as effective as medication for depression and also a whole host of other ailments including preventing relapse of addictions. The walk begins at 10:30am, and the website says booking is essential. It’s billed as a relaxing, meditative walk around Durlston meadows, whilst learning some simple mindfulness techniques.


Here’s a photo of Simon working his radio magic…

Simon Clarke Wave 105


That’s all for this week, we’ll be back next week with another five things…

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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