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Phew! Last week was so hectic, I’m just glad to have got out alive! This is the last Monday in April, and normally I would set out my goals for May, but I simply haven’t had time to think about goals etc, so I want to leave it til next week, when I’ll (hopefully) have had time to actually set out my goals. Meanwhile, let’s update my April goals.


Goals for April

Secure One New Client – I’ve had a bit of one-off work from various clients, but was aiming to get steady work in so need to work on this one.

Post Daily on the Blog  – I think I’ve managed this so far!

Sort the Bedroom Once & For All – Literally nothing has happened on this over the last week.



Last Week’s Weekly Goals

Make use of the Big Business Event – The Salisbury Big Business Event ran for three days last week. Although I knew I was booked in for a lot of seminars and talks, I didn’t appreciate just how hectic the event would be. Still, I took a lot of notes, learned a lot of new things, and met a lot of new people so I think I probably did ok with this goal!

Keep plodding with the blog – that’s really all I’ve managed this week. I think I missed out on joining in with a couple of linkys, and didn’t really manage to post anything other than the bare minimum of posts until Friday. The good news is that the Big Business Event gave me loads of ideas for blog posts.

Get S’s old clothes out of the house – this one’s a big, fat fail. The pile of her old clothes is still exactly where I put it last week – except it’s been messed up a bit by S clambering over it to get to things. I don’t want to have to wash it all again, so I need to sort it out before it ends up dragged all over the upstairs floor!


The Nectar Collective

This week’s goals

Catch up on my work – because I was out of action for three days last week, I let all non-immediate work slide. And now I need to catch up because what was non-immediate last week is fast becoming ever-so immediate

Blog, blog, blog! – On Friday I sat down and made a list of several blog post ideas, including notes and suchlike. It really won’t take much effort to turn those notes into several posts that I hope will be decidedly kick-ass. I just need to actually sit down and do it.

Get S’s old clothes out of the house – see above. They need to go!

Have you set any goals this week? I’d love to hear how you’re getting on!
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