Weekly Wishes 2015-04-20

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How was your week? I’ve had a fairly busy one, and it looks set to continue this week too…


Goals for April

Secure One New Client – Still working on it… Im optimistic!

Post Daily on the Blog  – I think I’ve managed this so far!

Sort the Bedroom Once & For All – Er… I’ll get back to you!



Last Week’s Weekly Goals

Send at least one pitch email – done – though I think I need to up my game a bit if I’m going to get as many new clients on board as I’d like!

Write and schedule more posts – I think I managed this, just about! I’m in a real funk at the moment in terms of both my blogging and my work, so I’m just trying to plod through at the moment.

Sort S’s clothes – I went through her t shirts and dresses and made a pile that are too small… now I have to figure out whether I can be bothered to sell any of the newer stuff on Ebay, or just take it all to a charity shop!


The Nectar Collective

This week’s goals

Make use of the Big Business Event – This week I am attending Salisbury Big Business Event. I’m hoping to learn a lot from the sessions I attend, and also to meet lots of wonderful people!

Keep plodding with the blog – I think I just need to accept that I’m in a bit of a mental rut at the moment, and keep plodding rather than setting great expectations.

Get S’s old clothes out of the house – it’s one thing to sort through them, quite another to actually get rid of them!

Have you set any goals this week? I’d love to hear how you’re getting on!


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