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Reasons to be Cheerful 2015-04-30


Reasons to be Cheerful


Happy Fursday! The weekend is so close, I can taste it! How has your week been? My life is still a little on the “hectic” side for my liking, but with this being a long weekend I’m hoping to catch up on boring things like washing and tidying at home – which will at least make the hectic work days easier to deal with.

Here are my reasons to be cheerful this week:

Potty Training – S moved rooms at nursery a couple of weeks ago; her new room is the preschool room, which has its own toilets and sinks. When her keyworker told me they kept finding S in the toilets with her nappy off, wanting to have a go on the toilet, I figured it was time for potty training. After a few accidents on her first day (that were mostly related to being near running water), she’s now happy as larry in her big girl pants. The only problem is she doesn’t like sitting on the potty at home – when you’ve got your trousers around your ankles, it’s tricky to sit on the potty without assistance! If anyone has any tips that don’t involve being completely undressed from the waist down for every visit, do please shout! Still, potty training – woot!

Bank Holiday Weekends – I do not care what the weather does this weekend; I care that I get three days with my favourite toddler. We’ve had a really hectic couple of weeks, so probably the most we’ll do is go to the park – but still, 3-day weekend! Wahoo!

Blog Camp  – I’m really excited to have seen what must have been Tots’ first tweet about Blog Camp Bristol on Monday. Having seen all the photos from Birmingham over the weekend, I’d actually been looking around online to see if there were any other blogging conferences coming up. When I saw the Tots tweet, I clicked the link immediately and signed up – I think I was the second person (after Sally) to do so. Now I can’t wait to go and meet some lovely bloggers and learn some fun things in Bristol in June… and it’s a few days after my birthday too! Huzzah!



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Reasons to be Cheerful

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  • Autumn


    Yay for potty training!! We are still working on it over here. At first my daughter would go with ease and now she holds it when she is on the potty :( Good luck to you! Autumn recently posted...All I want for Mother’s day is a napMy Profile

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