S doesn’t really have Easter Holidays; nursery closes only for the Easter weekend. We decided to make the most of those four days though – despite the weather! Of course, there are very few things in life that are not better with cake – so we were delighted when a box of cakes arrived on our doorstep!



The weather was fairly rubbish for the first few days of the weekend, so we were mostly indoors. We did share some of our cake with Nana… only a little though! After all, it’s hungry work being a toddler!

nomnomnom cake


On Bank Holiday Monday the weather was fantastic, so a trip to the park was in order. This was before S’s birthday, so with no scooter to … er… scoot, we settled for walking. S is very easily pleased, and often a little ride on the swing or a few goes on the slide will do it. We took full advantage of the wonderful weather.

swing sunny day greencroft slide

After the park, it would be wrong to have a sunny afternoon without going to the Cathedral Close, wouldn’t it?

jumping in front of salisbury cathedraltoddler salisbury cathedralI love this photo; it’s like she just turned around and realised the Cathedral was there!
#betterwithcake sunshineOf course, after all that running around, a little sit down with some cake was in order. Auntie Af graciously agreed to take one for the team and eat cake with S. Such a team player…

cake in the close

 I love this one because it looks like Auntie Af has just said something absolutely outrageous.

And of course, once we’d refuelled with a little cake, it was time for some more running around.

running cathedral close

I’m not sure if it was all that wide open space, the sunshine or the cake, but S went a bit bonkers and spent a good thirty minutes running back and forth in front of the cathedral as I chased her. We definitely made the most of the sunshine, and got home just in time for tea and bed!

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Kate Holmes · 14/04/2015 at 21:31

Lovely pictures and fun times. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

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