Clara is mum to 3 year old identical twin daughters, Lucette and Annabelle. She lives with them, a dachshund puppy called Miskha and her husband who works from home. Clara recently launched her own online business, named after her daughters Lucy and Belle.
This is a day in Clara’s Life:

Wake up time:  Well every mummy knows this varies…  My little people have been very good at sleeping in and I am very lucky to sayLucy and Belle that only on very rare occasion to they wake up before 6.30am.  What can I say, they are girls after their mummies heart!  I am not a big fan of early mornings myself you see and when  they were born after their 7am feed I would put them back into their cots for a little snooze before getting them properly up and dressed just before 9am.  The days can be so long with little people and of course this is not helped by the countless trips up and down in the night…


So generally the girls are allowed to come into mummy and daddies room at 7.30am.  I have to say in the past few weeks this has been getting earlier which means that I tell them to go back into their room and read a book.  As Lucette and Annabelle share a bedroom I have decided not to put any toys in their room to avoid any distractions from sleep… They do have lots of books and cuddly toys and in the space of a few minutes seem to pull all their clothes out, dress up, throw tissues around the room , you get the picture J  So, when I get up at 7.30am I go into their room, tidy it, make their beds and then get the girls ready for nursery school before we all go downstairs for breakfast.


Breakfast time:  As soon as we come downstairs we have breakfast at the kitchen table.  I try so hard to make a point of not switching on the television before breakfast so avoid any arguments about switching it off… Usually breakfast is quite a quick process, a few spoons of cereal and some toast.  I am not too strict as the girls are generally very good eaters and I appreciate that some days their appetite is not very big.  I do make sure they do eat though as also like their mummies low blood sugar and my girls equals a disaster! After breakfast and teeth cleaning we go into our TV / playroom and cartoons go on.  At that point I go upstairs and get quickly changed.  Every morning no matter what I have to put on my tinted moisturiser, bronzer, mascara and pink lipstick, oh yes and I need a cup of tea, I cannot survive without it!   After I am dressed the girls nursery bag is packed and snack prepared (I usually keep this to some grapes in their special Frozen tub or a banana), then it is hair brushed, coat and shoes on and into the car!


9.00am: Home from dropping off the girls at nursery.  I have to say I was apprehensive about the girls starting nursery school as before this I took them to local classes and playgroups in the morning but I have to say they have settled in so amazingly well.  They run into school which is wonderful!  So, when I get home I quickly run into the house and get our little puppy Miskha as this is now her time to have a walk!  We live right beside a large park area so it is so lovely to put on my boots and get out in the fresh air.  I usually try to leave my mobile phone at home so I can just switch off my mind and not think about calls or e-mails.


9.30am – 11.45am: I am at the desk ready to start work.  As I mentioned, I run my own online business from home.  I just launched my business at the end of September so it has been a very busy time.  I have to say though I really am enjoying running my own business, being a mummy is such hard work, it is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to sit at a quiet desk with a nice cup of tea and think clearly! It is of course difficult balancing everything and sometimes you cannot seem to get the balance right.  Some days are so chaotic and don’t really go to plan and setting up my own business has not been without it’s challenges but I am keeping my head down and working hard!


12pm – 1pm: I collect the girls from nursery school at 12 noon.  It is quite a quick process as I not really allowed to speak to the other mummies, I just get dragged to the car! Once we get into the car our Frozen CD is turned on and the singing begins… Well usually I am not allowed to sing along! I am very lucky to have a wonderful helper at home so she will have prepared lunch for the girls and then we all sit and eat together and try to have a conversation about what they just did at nursery!


1pm – 3pm:  After lunch I go back up the my office to work.  My husband and I share the office, we have a desk each on opposite walls!  It is quite funny as many people I know say they could not work with their husband but actually working together is how we met… We met studying for our professional legal qualifications and so we are used to working together.  Of course we get on each other’s nerves but overall it is really lovely to have him there to ask questions, get advice and bounce ideas with.  It can be lonely working on your own so it is so nice to have human contact and someone to share with.  Today we just found out Lucy and Belle was awarded a Silver Website Award from Mumpreneur UK so I am totally over the moon.  It is so nice to know that my hard working is starting to pay off!  It is so lovely to connect with fabulous organisations like Mumpreneur UK and Mummy Bloggers too.  I now write a Blog as part of Lucy and Belle and I honestly wish I had started this sooner…  Even if no one reads it I love writing it as it feels good to share experiences especially when you have little people!


3pm: The great thing about being your own boss is that you can be flexible as to how you arrange your time so really most afternoons will be different for me depending on whether I have to continue working or whether I take the girls swimming, out and about or we have playdates at home. Today I stopped working at 3pm and we are going to go out shopping to and I am taking the girls out for dinner as a little treat!


6pm: I like to start our bedtime routine early and sometimes depending on whether the girls are really exhausted we may even start our bedtime routine even earlier.  I find now as the girls get so exhausted by the evening I don’t often bath or shower them at this time as they both get very over tired and grumpy and will take fits of hysteria over the smallest of things!  It is really difficult bathing two children as mummies of more than one child will know and I am sure understand that bathing three year old twins is no mean feat! So now I try to do the washing earlier in the day and before bed we have freshen up with a face cloth.  After pyjamas are on if my husband is at home he reads to them, they really love time with their daddy, it is so special and when he happens not to be in they get so so upset! As the girls are so exhausted by the time their little heads hit the pillow it is sleeping time which is lovely for us.  I usually pop up to the office to do any last e-mails or other work and then make dinner for me and Mr B.  After that is it time for putting my feet up with a nice cup of tea, sweet treat and watching whatever series we are into (at the moment it is House of Cards!).  


Thank you for reading my story I hope you enjoyed it!

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