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Today’s #DayInTheLife post is from Amber at Goblin Child, a blog about her life with her partner Kirsty and their twin sons.
This is a day in Amber’s Life:
Some point between sunrise and 07.00:  Wake up to small hands patting my face (good day) or yanking on my hair (normal day).  Hide under duvet and desperately try not to acknowledge the disturbance – any and all eye-contact is rewarded by face-splitting grins on their parts but negates any further chance of sleep.

Some time following, still before 07.00: The twins tire of being awake and alone.  Banshee noises commence.  Swear inwardly.  Feel Kirsty sit up and concede defeat.  Roll out of bed and make bottles, which Kirsty feeds to the twins in bed whilst I take the dog (Josephine) for a quick wee and make a cup of tea for Kirsty and coffee for myself.  Sit on the bed and sip drink in silence until caffeine has thoroughly permeated bloodstream, whilst dangling toys to amuse babies.

07.00: Alarm clock sounds.  Curse clock for mocking a mother who has already been up an hour.  Pass all child-related responsibilities over to Kirsty and fall into the shower.

07.30: Am (sort of) dressed and tidy albeit with no make-up and a harassed-seeming demeanour.  Kirsty and I bundle the babies into the pram, call the dog and set off for the train station.  They don’t technically need to accompany me on the wagoblin childlk but as the dog requires a morning walk anyway, we try to use it as a way to spend some uninterrupted ‘grown-up’ time together.  It’s a 25-minute walk to the station and one of my favourite points in the day.

08.00: I jump on a train to Central London.  The 30-minute train ride is blog o’ clock for me, I’m usually found checking my blog’s social media accounts and jotting down draft posts in my notebook.  Or sleeping – sometimes I simply can’t help it!

08.30: Arrive in the office.  Snack on biscuits and chat to colleagues whilst firing up my machine for the day.  Get on with work.

12.30: Lunch time!  If I’m on the ball then I have a tupperware container filled with something healthy and cheap, sourced from home.  Otherwise I’ll pop out and buy my lunch.  I’m thoroughly obsessed with Itsu’s vegetarian Egg Drop Soup at the moment and tend to opt for that if I’m buying lunch.  As well as being delicious, it has the added benefit of being healthy!  I tend to eat at my desk and check in with Kirsty at the same time.  Often, she’s emailed over a picture or two of the twins to make me smile.

13.00: Lunch is over – back to work!

17.00: Home time!  In theory, anyway.  I try to rush out of the door the minute that the clock strikes five and catch on of an evening on my iPhone if necessary.  The babies go to sleep early and every minute of their awake time feels precious right now.  Whilst on the train it’s blog o’ clock again.

17.30: Kirsty always brings the troops to meet me on my walk up from the station.  It’s lovely to see their faces at the top of the hill although I always feel a bit bad for greeting the dog before the humans!  She’s my little shadow when I’m home and goes wild with joy on my return.  Kirsty and the boys don’t caper around me in quite so enthusiastic a display of welcome but it’s good to see them nonetheless.  I always give the boys a quick kiss before we walk home together, Kirsty either pushing the pram or wearing the babies and myself holding Josephine’s lead.

18.00: We arrive home.  Now that the weather is pleasant, we often grab a picnic blanket and some easy dinner before heading back out.  We live in a part of South East London that is positively teeming with green space so we like to take advantage of that and spend as much time outside as possible.  Picnic dinners are our favourite at the moment.  The boys are just of an age where they really enjoy being out on the grass and sampling tiny tastes of whatever we’re eating and they’re easily entertained whilst we eat dinner.

19.30: We try to be home by 19.30 in order to begin winding down for bed.  We begin with bath time, which is the boys’ favourite time ofday – they love to splash about in the water and play with their bath toys.  Then we dry them thoroughly, dress them in their pyjamas and tuck them up in bed.  We have a special ‘bedtime’ playlist and we tend to sing along whilst we give the boys their bedtime bottle.  It usually takes about an hour from bath time to sleep time.

20.30: The babies are asleep.  We try to spend grown-up time together, even if we are just chatting over our electronic devices, before snuggling together in bed and talking until we fall asleep.


Amber is taking part in my #DayInTheLife project, a series of posts where people write about their typical day. If you would like to take part, please fill in the form on my blog post here.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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Amber · 24/04/2015 at 20:10

Thank you so much for featuring my post on your beautiful blog, Vicky. x

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