Book Review: Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing by Ailsa Frank

Aisla frank cut the crap review

I was sent a copy of Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing by Ailsa Frank for review. Having heard a couple of people mention the book recently, I was really eager to get my hands on it.

This is one of those Ronseal books – it does exactly what it says on the cover. I like that; you know exactly what you’re getting when you pick it up. It’s about letting go of negativity and limiting beliefs, and just getting on with… feeling amazing!

Ailsa Frank is an established and popular hypnotherapist, which was a good sign for me. So many books under the “self help” heading are written by people looking to make a quick buck who are hawking some bonkers idea or – worse – who specialise in the art of stating the bleedin’ obvious. This book comes from someone who knows what they’re talking about, and it shows.

This book covers lots of different areas, from relationship troubles to health, stress, addictions and obsessions. There are even a couple of chapters about money, debt and wealth which is not something I was expecting.

What I love about this book is that each chapter has some writing about the topic, suggestions for what you can do, but also self-hypnosis type exercises which you can try to help you. The exercises focus on creative visualisation and positive language to help you to rise above the drama and crap in your life. I tried several of them and they did help me to feel more positive and optimistic – which is always a winner. I think if I continue to do them regularly I will see a big difference in my mood, something I’m really interested in, considering my 2015 Happiness Project.

The book then moves on with lots talk about active choices  and decisions, with the idea that we become accountable for our own actions and decisions – rather than sit there feeling and acting like a victim when things don’t go according to plan. The final chapter has a lot about not making excuses – which I know I am very guilty of doing. I like the way it made me feel accountable and was very much telling me to cut the crap, don’t make excuses, just get on with it.

The only thing I didn’t particularly like about this book is the frequency of words in capitals in the middle of sentences! I think that’s just personal preference rather than anything actually wrong with the book though to be honest.

This is not your usual self help book; it’s not filled with fluffy language but no substance; entirely the opposite, in fact. I can see how it would prove useful for a wide range of people, and I think it has something to offer all of us really. The emphasis on personal responsibility and no nonsense attitude is something I think a lot of us will respond to.

Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing by Ailsa Frank is currently available on Amazon at £14.99 for the hardcover, and £6.86 for the Kindle edition.


Thanks for reading.

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  • Catherine


    Cut The Crap and Feel Amazing sounds like a great coffee table book, the kind you pick up when you need a lift or do you need to do the exercises on a regular basis? #readwithme Catherine recently posted...It’s World Penguin Day!My Profile

    1. Vicky Charles


      That's exactly what it's like - great to dip in and out of and just find a relevant chapter.

  • chantelle hazelden


    sounds like a book that will actually get you thinking and reevaluating. thanks for sharing with #readwithme x chantelle hazelden recently posted...Read With Me #17My Profile

    1. Vicky Charles


      It really is!

  • Emily


    sounds like an interesting book! I am interested in this sort of thing so will add to my reading list #readwithme

    1. Vicky Charles


      Definitely worth a read; I love all the exercises that are included in it.

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