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55 Cracking Blog Post Ideas


Are you having trouble coming up with your next blog post? Do you ever feel like that blinking cursor on your screen is mocking you? I sometimes go for weeks at a time where I feel like I just don’t know what to write about. I have nothing interesting to say; no opinion to share; no inspiration to be seen. I began compiling a list of blog post ideas to help me get “un-stuck” when I feel like that… and I thought I would share it with you!


55 cracking blog post ideas


This is not a list of blog post titles or an exercise in “fill in the blanks;” it’s more a list of prompts, to get your creative juices flowing and provide a suggestion as to what direction you might take next.

1. Your opinion on something topical – what’s been in the news lately? Has there been a story about something relevant to your blog?

2. A response to another post – what have other bloggers in your niche been talking about lately? Has someone posted something you really agree or disagree with? There’s little to be gained from just reiterating what someone else has said, but if you have something to add to the conversation, blog about it!

3. A list – like this one! List posts are a great way to write a post that’s easy to read and understand. What do you know about, that others might be interested in? Make a list!

4. A review – it doesn’t have to be a freebie. If you’ve bought something lately that you were really impressed with, write a review and tell people. I often review books I’ve bought and read, not just the ones I’m sent to review!

5. Use Google Analytics or the stats page on your blog to see where people are coming to you from. Are lots of people finding you by searching for the same things in Google? Can you write more on that topic?

6. Check out Days of the Year – is there a national day you can write about?

7. The story of your blog name

8. A guide or tutorial – is there something you know how to do, that you could teach others?

9. A recipe – what’s your favourite meal?

10. Interview someone – do you know anyone who has an interesting story?

11. A photo post – photos of your day, your weekend, your office, your house, your garden.

12. A childhood memory – it doesn’t have to be something massive or profound; just a memory.

13. Join a linky! The Linky Linky is a great place for bloggers to list the linkys they run. You can have a look through the list and see if there’s one you’d like to join in with – use the linky titles as a prompt.

14. Set up your own linky – it’s easier than you think!

15. Do a vlog – set your camera to record, and just… jabber!

16. Share your goals – this is great for ensuring you stick to what you want, by holding yourself publicly accountable.

17. Write a to-do list – like goals, by writing down what you need to do, you’re more accountable and therefore likely to do the things!

18. Invite your readers to submit guest posts – either on a theme, like my #DayInTheLife project (which you are welcome to join in with), or  on a topic of their choosing.

19. Write about something that really annoys you – and explain why!

20. Write something controversial – people love to read a controversial post, whether they agree with it or not. Is there something about which you have a controversial opinion?

21. Share your favourite blog posts – go back through your archive and find posts you enjoyed writing, or posts that have proved popular.

22. Share your favourite blog posts from others – share the blogging love by showing off some of your peers.

23. Write about something you completely failed at – people love to read posts that show we’re less than perfect!

24. Produce a podcast! I do it; it’s quite fun!

25. Confess! do you have a guilty celeb crush? Have you done something shameful? Did you once dump someone by text? People love a good revelation!

26. Write about your regrets – is there something you really wish you had or hadn’t done?

27. Write about what you would do, if you knew you couldn’t fail – a great topic for a blog post, but also a great exercise for you as a person.

28. Ask a question and answer it. Similar to the previous idea – perhaps a question someone has asked you recently, or you’ve asked someone else.

29. Reveal some little-known facts. Do you have a birth mark on your bum? Can you breathe smoke out of your ears? Show off!

30. Life lessons – blog about the most important lessons you’ve learned in your time.

31. Set yourself a challenge – Last year I did Sugar Free September and the #OctoberLetters Project; this year I’m doing a year-long Happiness Project.

32. Write a longer version of your “About Me” page with more detail and history.

33. Write about why you blog.

34. Write a “What if” post – what if you won the lottery, what if you moved to the other side of the world, what if you hadn’t done that thing you did when you were in college…

35. Ask your readers’ opinions on something – do they like your blog layout? Do they think you shoudl cut your hair? Which politician do they think is most corrupt?

36. Make a list of the most common mistakes you think people make – in social media, in blogging, in food shopping, whatever you can think of.

37. Write about a life hack – do you do something that saves you loads of time and effort? Share it with the world!

38. Answer questions – invite your readers to ask you questions on social media, and answer them on your blog. You could turn this into a weekly feature.

39. Publish a list of resources – places you can find top tips, places you can edit photos, places to get good quotes, resources for free images…

40. Write about which is your favourite social media channel, and why.

41. Challenge your readers to do something, and invite them to share their results

42. Publish a list of other bloggers you admire and explain why

43. Publish a list of people in your niche who you consider to be the most useful or informative to follow

44. Curate a weekly list – the best posts you’ve read, the most useful tutorials, the funniest posts in your niche.

45. Look back over your blog to this point – what were your finest moments? What have you most enjoyed about blogging, so far?

46. Write a post looking back at “on this day..” The Timehop app is useful for this, but otherwise you could just use your diary or blog!

47. Create an A-Z post – the A-Z of your life, or your niche, of other bloggers, whatever you like!

48. Write an open letter to someone – your old school teacher, a politician, a celebrity?

49. Make a list of your top ten Twitter feeds to follow and explain why

50. Publish a glossary of your blog – a who’s who of people mentioned in it and other key points.

51. Expand on the ideas in an old post, or publish an update to that story.

52. Use the HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

53. Write a post about your biggest passion. What is it? Why do you love it so?

54. Your (or your child’s) favourite TV show – what you love (or hate) about it.

55. A post about what’s changed since you started your blog: has your child grown up? Your business expanded? Your house been renovated?


Five Bonus Tips: Places to Look for Inspiration


1. Forums relating to your niche – what are people talking about? Has someone asked a question you can answer?

2. Facebook – what’s happening on your timeline right now?

3. Google Alerts – you can set up an alert for any keyword relating to your blog content, and set it to send you an email.regularly with links to places your keyword has been mentioned.

4. StumbleUpon – a great place to randomly find content that can inspire you

5. Google Trends – tells you what people have been searching for.

Vicky is a single mother, a blogger, a podcaster and a social media trainer. You can find her blogging, business and social media tips at

  • Kim Carberry


    That is a fantastic help....Thank you x Kim Carberry recently posted...Why I prefer to shop online....My Profile

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      I hope it proves useful!

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  • Michelle


    So many fantastic ideas! I have pinned this so I know where to come when I get stuck! x #TheList

    1. Vicky Charles


      Thanks, I'm glad you found it useful!

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    Such a useful list, thank you! Will be pinning it in a minute to refer back to when I need some inspiration. I have a blog for my photography business and am always struggling to know what to write about for that - this will be a huge help! x

    1. Vicky Charles


      Thanks Madeline, I'm glad you found it helpful. I will be publishing a list of tips for business blogs on my other site soon.

  • Lisa (mummascribbles)


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  • Sara


    In needed this. Thank you. I am going to bookmark it for future reference. I usually find myself headed one way and then my post goes off in a tangent in a completely different direction. I have made the habit of keeping my phone beside my bed with the notes open so I can type some idea quick if it pops into my head while I am sleeping. For some reason I swear I get some brilliant ideas while sleeping and then forget them by morning ;) Sara recently posted...Can You Be Friends With a Narcissist?My Profile

    1. Vicky Charles


      ha I know your pain! I always have great ideas at 3am, but if I don't write them down they're lost forever!

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