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Wow, the last full week of March. Time to pull my socks up!


Goals for March

Earn More Money – I think this is one of those things that I won’t know if I’ve achieved until I do all my invoices on the last day of the month! So far it’s looking like a possibility, in any case.

Maintain The Blog Pace –  I had a day off this week and didn’t blog at all on Thursday. I feel like I ran out of steam a little this week and have been feeling very uninspired but over the weekend I think I perked up again and I’m looking forward to a more prolific week this week!

Sort The Living Room! – We had guests last week so there was an enforced tidy-up session!


Last Week’s Weekly Goals

Do Some Serious Tidying – S’s friend came to play on Monday evening, and strangely the living room was tidier after she left! There’s still more to be done, but it’s looking a bit better.

Work On The Book – Okay, confession time. I’ve gone a bit bonkers. Having started one book last week, I started another this week, on an entirely different topic.

Work Efficiently – I think I’ve done a bit better with this actually; I got all of my work done in time, without any last-minute panicking, and also found time to write the first 4000 words of a book. I think the difference was that I took myself to Wetherspoons (I know!) for breakfast and sat in the window with my laptop for 3 hours.



The Nectar Collective

This week’s goals

 Make a List of Priorities – I have so much going on at the moment: redesigning two websites, writing (at least) two books, setting up training courses and a networking group, trying to build my business. I need to slow down and prioritise what I need to finish first, rather than have a million things half-done all the time.
Sort the Magazine Pile of Doom – Somehow I have managed to accumulate a massive pile of magazines… and probably a load of other junk mixed in with them. I need to sort through them and figure out whether I’m keeping them for any reason other than to use as a step to reach things!
Manage my Tuesday – This week, Tuesday really is the only day I have for work. Today I am working in an office out of town, Wednesday is our day off, Thursday I am working in another office that’s way out of town, and Friday I’m recording. Tuesday needs to be one helluva productive day if I don’t want to be working every evening!
Have you set any goals this week? I’d love to hear how you’re getting on!


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Ashley | StyleOnHigh · 23/03/2015 at 23:53

Wow! I’m so impressed that you wrote 4000 words! Good luck with your goals this week and I wish for you a very productive Tuesday! :)

    Vicky Charles · 24/03/2015 at 07:51

    Thanks Ashley! Once I get going I can churn out lots of words – it’s just the getting going that’s a problem!

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