Weekly Wishes 2015-03-09


Wow, a week into the month already. How’s your week been? Mine was pretty awesome, if I’m honest. Lots of fabulous things going on, and lots of fabulous things in the pipeline – which is always… er… fabulous! Let’s have a recap of my monthly goals first…


Goals for March

Earn More Money – I think I may well do this! I’ve a couple of new clients lined up, and am hoping to earn some more money through training and running workshops. Not a direction I ever would have expected to be going in, but I’m finding that I really love helping others!

Maintain The Blog Pace – Well, I think I published about 22 posts last week so I suppose you could say I’ve kept up the momentum! I’m finding that I have more and more I want to post… though I think some of what I’ve been posting lately might be better suited to the blog I have for my business – so perhaps I should publish it over there instead! Either way, hit-wise, last week was my best week since mid-January so I’ve obviously done something right!

Sort The Living Room! – I’ve spent a fair amount of time over the last week attempting to organise the chaos that is my living room. I’m not there yet, but I’ve made a start!


Last Week’s Weekly Goals

Maintain the Buzz – I think I’ve done ok with this one. I’ve slipped a little, but have tried to remain positive and productive and I think I’ve achieved a fair amount with the time I had available.
Watch The Secret – I’ve watched it lots! I’ve also discovered focus music and classical music. Between these 3, I am finding I’m able to focus more on my work and get more done, without being distracted by noise from outside or downstairs.
Clear that Bloody Shelf! – Allow me to answer this one in pictures…
download (1)


The Nectar Collective

This week’s goals

Hustle! – I’m hosting a workshop next week, and I really want to get a good turnout for it – so I need to put the work in now to advertise it! I also need to make use of a potential extra couple of hours on Thursday, to get on with my own work and plans.
Research Blog Posts – If I want to keep producing good content on the blog and not have “empty” days, I need to keep up with my reading etc, in order to have something to post about.
Sort the Toys – S’s bedroom is tiny, so most of her toys are in the living room – which is fine, until she wants to play with any of them, and the house quickly becomes a nightmare! I need to sort through and get rid of some of the older ones she’s grown out of, and find suitable homes for the ones we’re keeping… wish me luck!
Have you set any goals this week? I’d love to hear how you’re getting on!


The List

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