Safestoring Our Memories


Safestore sent us a box to make a memory capsule with. I have a massive box of memories that I’ve had for ages, and has become more and mroe stuffed with random junk from my life. I love the idea of keeping all of your memories in a box, but hadn’t sorted one out for S yet – so I jumped at the chance when Safestore contacted me!

S helped me to decorate the box; I think we did a pretty good job.

We started out with pens, but then I remembered the huge box of crafting supplies I had tucked away… and we decided to go for shapes, letters and glitter instead.IMG_20150304_203702I took charge of the sides of the lid…




Of course, the most important thing about a memory box is not so much how it is decorated, as what goes inside of it.

S is only 2 years old, so she doesn’t have a whole load of memories yet. We didn’t put much into her memory box, because I like the idea of leaving it empty for her to fill up as her life goes along.


So here’s what we put in the box: the pink blanket she had when she was in NICU; the tiny pink pram shoes that were way too big for her until she was about 6 months old; the cow comforter she was given by Auntie Lou and Uncle Lew when she was born; the outfit she came home from hospidtal in, even though it was ten times too big for her; one of her first babygros; the certificate that came with Ted, “your first Steiff for your first birthday.”

There were a million other things I could have put in the box, but as I went through the things I had, I realised most of what I kept from when S was tiny is more my memory than hers – things like the clip from her umbilical cord or the NG tube she pulled out (yeah, I really kept that and much more besides). She probably won’t be particularly fussed about the babygro either, but I’ll enjoy showing it to her when she’s older, and doing the whole thing my dad used to do. You know, “you were soooo tiny when you were born…” and so on and so forth!

I love that there’s so much space left in the box for S to put her own memories in there. I wonder what she’ll decide to put in there… a favourite toy? An old t shirt? A special birthday card? Photos of something special? Something from a special holiday or school trip?


Do you have a memory box? What’s in it?

Note:I was provided with the storage box in order to write this post.

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