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Family-Friends-Food is run by Helen Goldrein. Helen says:

I am a modern Jewish mum, and I share healthy, meat-free family recipes for everything from main dishes, soups, snacks, cakes – whatever we are eating, really! I also try to include some background and information about our traditions, Jewish festivals etc. But mostly it’s about the food!

Having just decided to go sugar-free, I was most put out to find an amazing recipe for chocolate tiffin on Helen’s blog. Since I can’t have it, I kept scrolling through… and my belly began rumbling. Fish pie & mustard mash, celery & pea soup with goats cheese, spaghetti with herby leek and parmesan cheese – the list of posts reads like a restaurant menu!

Helen even has a recipe for muffins with no added sugar, which I might have a go at.

I’m not a very “foodie” person and it always amazes me when a blogger can come up with enough food ideas to produce regular blog posts about them! My recipe portfolio largely consists of roast chicken, a stew made from whatever was in the fridge, and the magic brownies I used to make in exchange for a roast dinner from my neighbour every sunday at the old flat. I love Helen’s blog because not only does she have the content – pages and pages of glorious food – but also amazing photographs of the food and a wonderfully designed blog.

Do go and take a look at Family-Friends-Food; you can also follow Helen on Twitter.


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Helen · 31/03/2015 at 12:30

Thanks so much for featuring family friends food :-D
I’m so happy to be ‘lovely’!

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