Kaye is a graphic designer from England and first-time mother to Archie. She blogs about parenting, lifestyle and design at Hello Archie
This is a day in Kaye’s Life:
6.15 – 7am;Hello Archie
Archie’s up! If he’s in his own room, we’ll usually get to lay-in until around 7 while he has a little natter to himself and a doze, but as he’s in our room right now (since being poorly) he’ll usually gurgle and chat loud enough to wake us up then we’ll bring him into our bed for a morning snuggle and a bottle of milk (and a strong coffee for Mr J before he gets ready for work). I’ll change A’s nappy and usually put him in a romper so that he doesn’t cause himself injury when running around on our wooden flooring.
8 – 10am;
On the days I work, I would’ve dropped A off at nursery by now and be relaxing at my desk with a hot chocolate – on the days I’m at home, we’re downstairs playing hide’n’seek and I’m exhausted enough to already be fantasizing about naptime! I make A’s breakfast (usually banana & weetabix or porridge with honey) and chase him around the room until he’s tired himself (and me) out. When he gets grouchy and keeps flopping his head on our floor cushion, I take A upstairs, read him a book, change his nappy and put him down for a nap.
10:30am – 12:30 pm;
A takes his nap, which recently has been getting a little later and longer as he seems to be in the midst of a 2-1 nap transition! I take this time to do lots of housework (that’s what Mr J thinks anyway, mostly I lounge, catch up on TOWIE & take a quick shower!). I also get A’s bag ready so that we can head out when he wakes up.
12:30 – 3pm;
Once A wakes up, I’ll get him dressed for the day, give him a snack (usually raisins!), and we’ll head out somewhere to get him out of the house. Sometimes we’ll take a walk to the local supermarket to get some shopping and stop at the local park, others we’ll go & visit Daddy at work or head out for a bit to eat with Nanny.
3 – 4pm;
If A gets tired and looks as if he needs a second nap (he doesn’t always have another sleep, but has been recently whilst he’s been unwell), we’ll go for a walk in his pram until he falls asleep and I’ll pop him on the floor cushion at home and he’ll usually sleep for 30-40 minutes whilst I catch up on some social media and blogging.
4 – 6:15pm;
Most days, we’ll head to Nanny & Grandads (they live in the same street) for tea and a catch-up and a boogey to the music channels (A loves dancing and Grandad has a surround-sound) system. A will be spoilt and sneaked lots of chocolates and sweets he’s not supposed to have and then we head home around 6 in time for the goodnight song on cBeebies!
6:15 – 7pm;
A has a bath (every other day) and then we’ll do his bedtime routine of getting into his jammies, a bottle, 2 books, a cuddle and a song, then into his cot for around 6:45pm – he’s usually out for 7.
7 – 10:30pm;
I breathe a sigh of relief, tidy the living room, catch up on washing and finally sit down to write a blog post or do some website maintenance whilst humming the theme to Mr Tumble all evening. Mr J will cook a delicious dinner and we’ll relax for the evening. If I’m having a night off of blogging we’ll watch a film and if not, he’ll watch TV whilst I post. Archie will usually sleep through, so that’s usually our parenting duties over until morning.
And that’s how a normal day in our life goes (though I’ve skipped all the pooing, nose-picking and ‘no’s!)!



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