Mo is a first-time mum living with her husband and 13-month-old son in the South East. She loves the outdoors and enjoys capturing moments as she develops her writing and photography skills. Faith, family and friends are very important to her, and she misses her maternity leave! Mo blogs at Adventures of a Novice Mum.

This is a day in Mo’s life:

Before Work

I woke up for the X number of time to attend to Precious Sparkle. He slept off on my chest after breastfeeding on his last wake, and I’dAdventures-of-a-novice-mum obviously dozed off.

After unsuccessfully trying to put him back in his cot bed it was back to my chest to sleep, and then directly to our bed so that I could quietly slip away later, whilst he hopefully carried on sleeping.

I went straight to the computer after I finally got up; I continued trying to recover my lost photographs – another story for another day.

Precious Sparkle woke up soon after I left him, but his dad thankfully took over.

I ended up taking my shower much later than expected, but it was all good; I successful negotiated limited free access to a fantastic data recovery software from EaseUS!

I bathed Precious Sparkle, got dressed for work, and breastfed him before finally leaving home at some minutes past 8am

very unlike my pre-maternity leave days, when I regularly got to work around 7 / 7.30am. How things change!


I lugged 2 bags (my poor shoulders) of unmarked exercise books back to school; I wish I was more excited about marking books.

I had less than 10 minutes to get ready for the school day.

I allowed my Form group into the class after the school’s bell rang at 8.35am. One of them came in earlier to work on the assembly our Form has to deliver next week; I really hope it goes well.

After repeating many requests for everyone to be quiet, I took the register and noted the few students that arrived late.

I used our Chaplain’s PowerPoint slides for the rest of tutor time. I first reminded them about the Youth Alpha on the first slide; before giving an impromptu talk about the value of parents in response to the 2nd slide about ‘Mothering Sunday’.

I particularly talked about the value and heart of a mother, with reference to my relationship with my mum and little boy.

I hope they all make the effort to recognise their mum’s contributions on Sunday!

I wrapped our time with a prayer from the Student Planner, and asked my students to tell each other one thing they really appreciate about their mums.

I had a full timetable today; 5 lessons in a row! Thank God for the 2 breaks in between.

I continued exam revision with my 2 GCSE groups; the first group was more difficult to motivate.

My year 7s are so lovely; such interesting engagement with our exploration of Jesus’ healing of the paralysed man. It’s always nice to hear their personal and cheerful ‘thank you-s’ as they leave my

room at the end of the lesson.

Break was a treat … that stopgap to catch my breath, eat some biscuits, drink some water, and make sure I’m ready for my next 3 lessons.

So much pondering with my A level students: ‘does morality necessitate the existence of God? , ‘is God eternally timeless or eternally everlasting?’, ‘what do mean when we think of God as omniscience?’. Unending questions … limited answers!

I briskly walked home for lunch.

Precious Sparkle couldn’t wait to get out of his dad’s hands as I entered the house. He toddled as fast as he could, with loud giggles towards me.

What a delightful reunion! I don’t think anyone has been happier to see me, so consistently.

He didn’t drink ‘mummy’s milk’ as much today; he has been fighting a bug for a few days now. It’s really hard seeing him struggling and not being as vibrant as he usually is.

I filled my water bottle and rushed out of the door with shouts of, ‘bye … bye … bye bye from both of us.

Running, walking briskly, and running again, I just about made it for the start of my last lesson.

I spent some time working on sorting out my classroom display, and the after-school detention I had.

I called my husband to check on Precious Sparkle, and I found out I could stay longer at school to try and mark.

I occasionally checked some of my social media networks; a distraction from a chore I lacked motivation for.

It was quarter past five before I knew it; I had to go home to Precious Sparkle.

I tidied up, packed my bag with my unmarked books (again), and walked home; instagramming the beautiful sunset I saw on my way.

After Work

It was so lovely to see my two favourite men in the whole wide world; especially Precious Sparkle with his super delightful giggles.

Breastfeeding wasn’t easy today; his sniffles unfortunately prevented him from drinking with ease. I still had a lot more milk to give to him after he decided he had, had enough.

He then basically walked up and down, again and again, whilst playing with different toys and interacting with my husband and I.

We were giggling, laughing, and joking around; until I heard a loud cry from Precious Sparkle. He had only been out of my sight for seconds! I literally ran to him, picked him up, rubbed his head (I assumed he had hit his head whilst walking), and utilised ‘mummy’s milk’ to help rid his tears and calm his nerves. MUMMY’S MILK WORKED ITS MAGIC!

We ate pounded yam, spinach sauce, and peppered mackerel for dinner. Precious Sparkle’s intake

was mixed but definitely more than recently. I wondered how he decides what to swallow and what to spit out.

Sleep came really easy after all his running around, and with the help of mummy’s milk.

I finally got around to doing some tidying and I even ironed my work clothes in advance!

I spoke and prayed with my husband and tried to do some work on the computer. However, Precious Sparkle work up with a cough and I decided that being with him was more important than working on the computer.

I bid the day ‘good bye’, as I slept into another, with hope and expectations that the next day will be better.



Mo is taking part in my #DayInTheLife project, a series of posts where people write about their typical day. If you would like to take part, please fill in the form on my blog post here.

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Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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Adventures of a Novice Mum · 01/04/2015 at 04:48

Massive thanks for this feature and its promotion on twitter. I enjoyed thinking about the day I documented and review my journey through it. :-)

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