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A Snapshot from Our Weekend 2015-03-03

IMG_20150228_112816On Saturday, I brought a big box of art and craft things downstairs, and we enjoyed making pictures with the contents.S emptied a big bag of foam shapes onto the table, but was quite frustrated with the fact they kept sticking to her… quie hilarious to watch!


We made fairy cakes; S absolutely loved it and was very pleased with herself.


I tried to take a photo of S eating the fruits of her labour; she turned to the camera and said “cheese!” My child is learning…


On Sunday, we went out for lunch with friends. The little girl at the front is S’s friend Janey, and it was her mum Shell’s birthday this week so we all went out to celebrate. S was sitting next to Shell but seems to have misunderstood when I said “let’s take a photo” and came running towards me. We had a really lovely time with our friends. Poor old baby Jack slept through the whole meal and wasn’t too happy to wake up when we’d all finished!


I have a foot stool in front of the sofa, and often sit with my feet up. S has clearly cottoned on to this, and moved her Lego box under her table as she sat eating her apple on Sunday afternoon. She was pretty pleased with herself!

IMG_20150301_200206 For reasons known only to her, S found a sheet of “smiley face” stickers on the table on Sunday evening, and proceeded to stick them all over her face! When her face was done, she moved on to her legs and feet, and then me. Bed time was great fun, trying to remove them all!

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    Oh love that grin! Such happiness in all these photographs, just gorgeous #pointshoot Mackenzie Glanville ( recently posted...give me wings . . .My Profile

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    Sounds like a great weekend huni. S is always so smiley! Thanks for linking up to #PointSHoot x You Baby Me Mummy recently posted...The List #26My Profile

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