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Hello and welcome to another fun-filled week on the South Coast. Here are five things you need to know about this week…

1. St Patrick’s Day – Tuesday 17th
The day when we all remember our Irish roots, however tenuous. We all forget St Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday, but in Ireland – the place where St Patrick’s Day is meant to be celebrated – Lenten restrictions on drinking alcohol and eating are lifted for the day. This is probably the reason the day has such a boozy reputation. In Ireland, if St Patrick’s Day falls during Holy Week, it is moved to avoid such debauchery during that time. This last happened in 2008, when it was observed on 14th March instead.

2. Neighbours 30th Anniversary – Wednesday 18th
I honestly cannot wait for this; I used to love Neighbours when I was little! Channel 5 have put on a whole day of shows, starting with the usual lunch tim and evening episoes. At 10pm there’s a “Stars Reunite” show which should be really interesting – who will they have in it? Then, at 11:30pm they are showing the episode with Scott and Charlene’s wedding; and after that, the first ever episode. I didn’t start watching until a couple of years in so I’m really excited to see this.

3. International Day of Happiness – Friday 20th
Friday is the perfect day for this; research shows that we actually enjoy a Friday, and the promise of the weekend, more than we enjoy the actual weekend! This day is all about connecting with the people around us. We’re surrounded by people, but we rarely interact with them, do we – and loneliness is as big a killer as smoking or obesity these days.  Happiness Activists are organising Happiness Actions across the globe which I think is a great idea.
Did you know that if you’re feeling a bit rubbish, you can perk your mood up by putting a pen in your mouth? If you put it in your mouth horizontally, so that it’s forcing your mouth into a smile… after a few minutes it’ll make you feel a bit happier! I wrote about this and other happiness tips in a post earlier this week.

4. Jimmy Carr at the BIC – Saturday 21st
The “hardest working man in comedy” is on tour again! He’s not to everyone’s taste, but is hugely successful nonetheless. The website has a warning about it being explicit, of course. Carr is famed for his short jokes, my favourite of which is “venison’s dear, isn’t it!” This is a two-hour show with a 20-minute interval in the middle, so you’re getting good value for money – and there’s a curry night hospitality package available through the BIC website too. You’re sure to leave with a sore belly from laughing so much; he’s really good live and interacts well with the audience so it’s nothing like you see on TV or dvds.

5. B&Q Eastleigh 10k – Sunday 22nd
It’s funny, we feature lots of running events in this segment, but neither of us runs! This is a good one though, as it’s a really flat course and sees lots of people getting PBs. They had over 2500 runners last year; this year’s race starts a little earlier, at 9am – which I thought was a bit ouchy, until I realised it’s race season, and if you’re into running 10k races, you probably don’t go out on the lash on a Saturday night! A lot of people running this will be using it as a training race for a longer race later in the season too. The race is supporting three charities: the Mayor of Eastleigh’s appeal, Wave 105 Cash for Kids and Water Aid Zambia.

Well, that’s us done for another week. Thanks for reading/listening and I’ll be back again next week with another 5 things.

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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


John Adams · 21/03/2015 at 05:55

Oh to run 10K races. I’d love to be able to do that but an old ankle injury prevents it. Good luck! You’ve also educated me about ST Patrick’s Day. #TheList

You Baby Me Mummy · 22/03/2015 at 08:47

I hope you had a good week huni. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

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