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Hello and welcome to another fun-filled week on the South Coast. Here are five things you need to know about this week…

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1. Napping Day – Monday 9th
I am definitely getting involved with this one! A day for napping? I’m there! Officially this is supposed to be a day where we all catch up on the lost hour of sleep from the clocks going forward – but they don’t go forward until the end of the month. Never mind, let’s have a nap any way! Apparently 20-30 minutes is the optimum time for a nap to make you feel more alert… I prefer a full hour though if I’m honest!

2. Russell Howard at Winchester Theatre Royal – Tuesday 10th
Star of Russell Howard’s Good News and Mock the Week, Russell Howard is off out on tour again, preparing for a brand new series on Comedy Central. This is a warm-up gig so could be quite interesting – it’s always more fun to see a comedian before they’ve managed to memorise all their lines and polish the gags! Howard ran the Bath Half Marathon the other week with apparently very little training, so it’ll be interesting to see whether he’s recovered in time for this gig!

3. Michael McIntyre at Winchester Theatre Royal – Thursday 12th
This is also a warm-up show. I wonder what brings all the stars to Winchester – a particularly forgiving crowd? The website has a disclaimer for this show saying that McIntyre might be reading from notes as the show is a work in progress. Either way, he was apparently the highest-grossing comedian in the world in 2012, so you’re in for a good night. Also with special guest Paul Tonkinson, who’s funny too!

4. Morrissey at the BIC – Saturday 14th
Two slightly disconcerting things about this: firstly, ticket prices range from £50.85 to £71.50. Secondly, the BIC website features a photo of Morrissey in a bright yellow shirt, smiling. What is the world coming to! Morrissey’s last tour only have one UK date, at the O2 in London and that sold out. This tour has only 6 dates, and since he’s an icon and worshipped by many, I suppose he can get away with charging those prices.

5. Mother’s Day – Sunday 15th
Don’t forget to buy a card and some tat! In this country it was originally a Christian festival called Mothering Sunday, but the name and commercialisation has crossed the Atlantic and now we mostly call it Mother’s Day. An American woman called Anna Jarvis originally campaigned for Mother’s Day to be a thing, and succeeded in 1908. A few years later though, she campaigned against the commercialisation of the day because she had intended it to be a day for personalised gifts and cards, not garage forecourt flowers and unending piles of tat. Think of that this year, and perhaps go for something more creative with your Mother’s Day gift! Pinterest is a great place to start for that one.

Well, that’s us done for another week. Thanks for reading/listening and I’ll be back again next week with another 5 things.

Mums' Days

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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