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I’ve decided that since I’m going to the trouble of setting myself monthly goals, I should post them here every week to keep them at the forefront of my mind… So here are my goals for the month

Monthly Goals: February

Begin Serious Business Planning – By the end of February, I want to have a proper plan in place, and to have made steps towards growing the business. This includes securing at least one new client, and sorting out my new website which at the moment is little more than a domain name with a photo of me on it. My plan is that by the end of February I will have invoiced more (even £5 more) than I did in January. Update: I sat down with a friend this week, and he helped me to begin work on a business plan – so I do feel like I’ve made some progress.

Stick to my Happiness Project ChallengeThis month’s challenge is to exercise and eat more healthilyUpdate: My main issue with this is my hernia, which causes me to look pregnant a lot of the time. So far I’ve taken an inch and a half off my waist without too much pain – and I’m pleased with that.

Get One Room Completely Sorted – One room in this flat (which has, at a push, 5 rooms) will be completely sorted by the end of February. Update: The living room/kitchen actually look half reasonable at the moment… if you ignore my desk in the corner – which I usually do.


Last Week’s Weekly Goals

Network – I attended the networking session, and although I doubt I met anyone who will be likely to suddenly want to hire me, I had some great chats with some very interesting people and it was an enjoyable morning. I also had a meeting with a friend and began working out a proper structure for my services, packages and prices – something I should have done months ago!
Prepare – My presentation to the new networking group is this Thursday evening. I’ve done a lot of thinking about what I’m going to say and how I will present it… but I’ve not actually written anything down, or had a dry run with the talk yet. Eep!
Clear the Kitchen Island – I have cleared a lot of crap off the island, and there is a lot more clear space than before. My problem is that because my desk is pretty much unusable, a lot of my work ends up on the kitchen island. I probably need to sort that, and either replace my desk with a useful shelving unit, or… something else I’ve not thought of yet!


The Nectar Collective
This week’s goals
Do My Presentation – I’m one of these people who can happily not prepare for anything, fully intending to wing it until approximately four minutes before the thing in question – and then I start to panic/cram for it. I have a meeting with a friend on Tuesday morning and she is going to help me with some presentation and confidence techniques so hopefully I can do a practise run on her. I’d like to be able to speak to groups more often, so this week is a sort of dry run for me.
Attack the Shelf! – there is a shelf in the corner of my living room… well, actually it’s a wooden box that houses our electricity meter etc. When we first moved in, I always intended to put photo frames on it, and have it as a nice little corner. At present, it is holding two large piles of CDs, a carrier bag containing I-don’t-know-what, S’s old Ergo sling, some clothes waiting to be mended, some nail varnish… you get the idea!
Crack on With the Work – I have made a good start on my business plan and putting things in place to move forward with the business. I need to complete my business plan, make a firm decision on prices and suchlike and actually approach clients. This week, I just want to make sure the business plan is complete, so that I know where I’m going with all of this.
Have you set any goals this week? I’d love to hear how you’re getting on!


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Lisa (mummascribbles) · 23/02/2015 at 13:31

I love this idea of setting tasks for yourself so you can keep a measure of how you are doing! Unfortunately most of my goals are get myself to work, find some time to blog and spend all my extra time with Zach hehe! Maybe I should give this a go though to plan stuff I really want to do. Even if I don’t get around to doing it, it’ll remain there on my list! Great post and well done for the business stuff! #weekendbloghop

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