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I’ve decided that since I’m going to the trouble of setting myself monthly goals, I should post them here every week to keep them at the forefront of my mind… So here are my goals for the month

Monthly Goals: February

Begin Serious Business Planning – By the end of February, I want to have a proper plan in place, and to have made steps towards growing the business. This includes securing at least one new client, and sorting out my new website which at the moment is little more than a domain name with a photo of me on it. My plan is that by the end of February I will have invoiced more (even £5 more) than I did in January. Update: Ditto last week, really. I’m helping out in a friend’s office at the moment which means I have limited time for my own business. Still, that is no excuse and I need to do better!

Stick to my Happiness Project ChallengeThis month’s challenge is to exercise and eat more healthilyUpdate: I’ve been trying to gradually cut things out rather than go mental and try to do everything in one go. Despite making a slow start to the whole thing, I still managed to lose a pound last week, as well as a few inches.

Get One Room Completely Sorted – One room in this flat (which has, at a push, 5 rooms) will be completely sorted by the end of February. Update: This weekend I actually went on a bit of a cleaning mission. I ordered a big storage bucket for S’s toys in the living room and tidied a lot of crap. There’s still a lot to be done, but I’m working on it!.


Last Week’s Weekly Goals

Exercise at least three times – Nailed it! I’m as surprised as you are on this one. I think the trick is to prepare the situation before S goes to bed, and then get on with it as soon as she’s there. No chance to sit down and get distracted by shiny things!
Plan my time – I didn’t get to a coffee shop, and I didn’t really plan my time either. I wasted a lot of it, but was still quite productive. Can’t decide if that’s a win or a fail.
Clear the sofa! – Well, I cleared it… and then let it get messy again. I think the problem is that I am a naturally messy person. I need to find a way of changing that side of myself – but I’ve no idea how! Answers on a post card!


The Nectar Collective
This week’s goals
Network – there’s a networking session on Thursday at a local enterprise session. I want to go, and try out a different approach I’ve been looking at lately. I think my problem is that I tend to go into things going “oh, well, I’m not really that good… I mean… er…” when what I should really do is say “I can definitely help you with that!” Having seen what certain other people are passing off as expertise – and charging an extortionate amount for – I can definitely get away with being a bit more confident in my own abilities!
Prepare – Myself and two friends are setting up a new networking group locally. We’re all really inspired and excited by it, and the first meeting will be next Thursday… I will be giving the first presentation. I tend to go for the “wing it, it’ll be fine” approach to most things – even my weekly radio stint is usually researched a couple of hours before it’s recorded. I don’t want to be a shaky, panicking mess when I’m trying to appear all knowledgeable and professional though, so I should probably prepare some more.
Clear the Kitchen Island – going for the whole “clear one room thing” – my kitchen and living room are open plan, and the kitchen island separates them. It is always piled high with junk, and makes both rooms look awful. If I can clear that then the place will look and feel a lot better… wish me luck!
Have you set any goals this week? I’d love to hear how you’re getting on!


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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


Lauren @ The Fledgling Journey · 16/02/2015 at 18:15

Preparing for things when you’re able to wing it can be tough. Sometmes I overprepare and realize that I could have worried about it less. Finding a happy medium would be a good spot. I like your idea of clear one room at a time or gradually cut one unhealthy thing out at a time. If you do too much too soon it can become overwhelming. I’ve certainly fallen victim to that and gotten discouraged. Have a great week and a good time networking!

Megan - truly madly kids · 20/02/2015 at 23:54

One room is such a good mantra!

Good luck with your business


You Baby Me Mummy · 21/02/2015 at 22:28

Fab update huni. I am messy too and lack a workspace so everything gets everywhere! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

Adventures of a Novice Mum · 22/02/2015 at 17:00

Goal setting is such a good way to achieve more. So lovely that you’re holding yourself to meeting your goals and weekly reviews of your progress is definitely the way to achieving more. All the best with your new networking group and business set-up.

I don’t set weekly goals as such but I’ve been seriously considering doing so to help me achieve more. #TheList 24

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