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Last year I didn’t really bother to set myself monthly goals, but I think this year I might give it a go and see if it helps me to achieve more.

Monthly Goals: February

Begin Serious Business Planning – Mid January, I had a very inspiring meeting with a business mentor who basically told me exactly what I needed to do in order to grow my business and increase my income. And what have I done about that? Not a fat lot. By the end of February, I want to have a proper plan in place, and to have made steps towards growing the business. This includes securing at least one new client, and sorting out my new website which at the moment is little more than a domain name with a photo of me on it. My plan is that by the end of February I will have invoiced more (even £5 more) than I did in January.

Stick to my Happiness Project ChallengeThis month’s challenge is to exercise and eat more healthily. I’m not talking about going on some monstrous diet where you spend £200 in an obscure health food shop on things you’ve never had before that taste suspiciously like sawdust; it’s about making small changes to try and improve my overall mood. And I also don’t do the low fat thing; this is about cutting back the sugar and junk. For tea last night I had steak with peas and sweetcorn, and it was yum!

Get One Room Completely Sorted – we moved in here almost four months ago, and although Christmas sort of disrupted my plans, the festive season is long gone now. I’ve let piles of junk spring up in every corner, and I need to clear them out. Every time someone is visiting I deposit more piles of crap into my bedroom which I should really sort through and get rid of. Instead, my bedroom is filled with magazines, craft supplies and… I don’t even know what else. One room in this flat (which has, at a push, 5 rooms) will be completely sorted by the end of february.

Weekly Goals

Last week’s goals:

Keep up the good work – I published seventeen posts last week, and have at least fourteen in the pipeline for the coming week (today included), so I think I’m doing okay on this front!

Improve the podcastLast week’s podcast was much longer than my first one, and at the time of writing has been played 65 times. I’m fairly pleased with this, considering it’s something I literally just throw together whilst sitting on my sofa (sorry to spoil the illusion there). Someone even told me it sounded slick this week!

Tidy the house – Fail, fail, massive fail. My house is a tip. I got as far as buying a dustpan and brush, and there was some washing up done. I need to get on top of this!




The Nectar Collective
This week’s goals
Cut my Coca Cola intake in half – At the moment I’m downing a litre of Coke every day, and feeling like crap for it. I know from experience that cutting it out completely a) hurts, and b) makes me feel crappy in the short term. This time (I’ve stopped drinking Coke a gazillion times in my life), I’m going to cut it down gradually and hopefully eventually kick that nasty habit!
Work on the New Website – I set up a new website for my business. A few weeks ago now. And so far all it has is a photo of me. This week’s job is to put some proper information on it, so that it serves a purpose. My plan is to run a blog from there too, but purely about blogging and copywriting, from a business perspective. By this time next week, I intend to have at least started that process!
Keep up the Podcasting – as I sit here writing this post, I’m thinking “ergh, only a couple of days until Wednesday and a new podcast – better think of something to chat about.” So really, I should think of something to chat about and… you know, actually plan the podcast. Perhaps I should make that a weekly job for the weekend or something.
Have you set any goals this week?


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Bee · 02/02/2015 at 20:55

Wow, you seem super productive! Good Luck with your goals this week, and months! The business sounds amazing! xxx

    Vicky Charles · 03/02/2015 at 11:21

    Thanks! I’m having one of those weird manic phases where I want to do EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW!!!

Hannah Mums' Days · 12/02/2015 at 22:40

Busy week lady – you are blogging like a boss!! And podcasting. I need to pull my socks up ;)

Thanks for linking up lovely xx #TheList

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