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A Snapshot from Our Weekend 2015-02-24

IMG_20150221_135046On weekends, we like to spend a lot of time in bed making duvet dens and generally mucking about. It’s a good way to start the day.


.On Saturday, the weather was good so we went for a long walk. We went to visit some horses, but they were in a partitioned section of the field, far from th fence. We enjoyed seeing them though.


This is S enjoying seeing the horses! I think she quite enjoyed the walk too; we saw lots of dogs, birds and aeroplanes too.


On the way home, we saw a band in the Guildhall Square and S was completely mesmerised by them.


On Sunday morning, we had a massive pillow fight. S won.


We had Nana and Auntie Af round for dinner, which meant tidying the living room. Of course, none of the mess had been made by S. Oh, no.

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