Last year for Lent, I gave up interacting on social media, alongside my friend Simon. It was bloomin’ hard! Since then I’ve set myself lots of challenges, the latest of which is my Happiness Project for 2015, with a different challenge each month. When I realised Lent was coming up, I wasn’t sure whether to bother giving anything up, since I’m already doing monthly challenges. If I was going to do something this year, it would need to tie in with the Happiness Project theme, and be something that would serve to brighten my mood.

fancy doing #somethingfunny for lent-

And then, like a bolt from the blue, it hit me… or, you know, something less dramatic. I decided that for the duration of Lent (longer than 40 days and nights, since that doesn’t include Sundays), I will challenge myself to do something fun with S.

By “something fun” I don’t mean daily trips to the zoo or anything like that; although I would like to take her on some day trips and suchlike, I’m fully aware that she gets just as much entertainment from a short bus trip or half an hour in the park. On Sunday afternoon we went for a short walk around the edge of town, and she loved it.

Just lately, I’ve noticed that I’m so busy trying to keep on top of work, the blog, housework and everything else, we often sort of wander through our days in a daze, and S has gone to bed before I realise we’ve not really done anything of note. I know she has oodles of fun while she’s at nursery, but that’s not quality time we’ve spent together.

This project is about making sure S and I have that quality time together, having fun – whether that’s building a duvet den, or going to the Oceanarium. My challenge is to do #SomethingFun with S every day during Lent, and to post a photo to social media using the hashtag. If you would like to join in with this project, do please feel free. I would love to see others sharing their special, fun moments with their children. Please feel free to tag me in tweets, Facebook posts or Instagrams using the hashtag. I will update on our progress periodically; if people would like to join in with that, I will set up a linky for it.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is our day off – the perfect time to begin our #SomethingFun challenge!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


Christine from SoDomesticallyChallenged · 17/02/2015 at 14:46

This is so thoughtful. This is probably the most meanful Lent post I’ve ever read. You’re giving up a part of yourself, but you’ll be getting back so much more than you give up.


    Vicky Charles · 17/02/2015 at 20:20

    Oh, thank you – what a lovely comment! I’m hoping it’ll encourage me to make that bit of extra effort on days when we’re rushed or busy, to still make sure we have fun!

Sophie · 18/02/2015 at 22:06

Awww this is great :’D

I think we made a good start today on #somethingfun by meeting a good friend and going to the cinema to see the Peppa Pig’s Golden Boots thing, Sprog really enjoyed it ^_^

Can’t wait to see what we all do for the rest of Lent!


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