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KA is a mum to Lil G and wife to Mr H. She works full time, as well as blogging and writing for a parenting website. You can read her blog here. Life as Our Little Family offers a blend of parenting, lifestyle and fashion posts.

This is a day in KA’s Life.

My days are very much split into three. My day job where I am a recruiter of finance professionals, my evening job which is of course my blog and writing for a parenting website and then there is being a mummy and a wife.Life As Our Little Family

So here it is, a day in my life…

6 – 6.30am Rise and Shine, the earlier the better as it means I can squeeze in snuggles in bed with Lil G and of course a cup of tea!

6.30 – 7.50am Whilst fitting in a cuddle, eating breakfast, making my lunch and getting Lil G ready for Kindergarten I often use this time to catch up on work emails, my social networks, blog comments and all round multi-tasking.

8.00am Ever so carefully I deliver the precious cargo that is my gorgeous boy to either Kindergarten or Nanny & Grandads who take over my role for the day. Where he learns, he laughs, he plays and of course has a tantrum or two as he does when at home with us. The joys of having a Threenager!

8.05 – 9.15am I travel by car, train and on foot to the office in Manchester. I try to use this time as effectively as possible, a combination of work and writing a post for my blog. Although carrying a handbag, my laptop case, walking in heels and talking on the mobile doesn’t always work!

9.15am Arrive at the office and dive straight into my day job with a cup of tea or coffee in hand depending on just how shattered I am.

9.15 – 12.30pm Whilst working away I try my hardest not to snack, not to ring Lil G’s Kindergarten or Nanny to see how his day is going, not to jump on to my social media sites, and generally not to get distracted.

12.30 Eat and wander around Manchester – trying my hardest to avoid Topshop, Office and Zara in fear of Mr H shouting at me for buying something that I don’t need.

1.30 4.45pm Back to work. Trying my hardest not to eat a bar of chocolate.

4.45 – 6.15pm Make my journey home on foot, train and car. Utilise the time to continue with my day job and if things are quiet catch up on blog reading/writing.

6.30 7.30pm Either spend a precious hour with my gorgeous boy, talking about his day, practising his phonics, cuddling and generally just loving this time together or take a Caveman Training class.

7.30 – 8.00pm Either read a story to Lil G, kiss him goodnight, wash the dishes and walk our doggy. All depending on whether I went to my Caveman class or not.

8.00 – 11pm Retreat to my little online space. My blog, reading blogs and writing for a parenting website, Up All Hours. My happy space. I do love this time although sometimes I also just go to bed as every once in a while I have to catch up on my beauty sleep.

11pm Kiss my gorgeous boy goodnight, crawl in to bed before starting all over again the next day.

And it goes without saying that I also manage to squeeze in eating (Mr H cooks, me not so much), drinking, bathing, brushing my teeth, cleaning (although Mr H does 90% of this), talking to my husband and of course watching a bit of TV.

I wonder how different a day in my life will be in 6 months. When Lil G is about to start Big Boy School.


KA is taking part in my #DayInTheLife project, a series of posts where people write about their typical day. If you would like to take part, please fill in the form on my blog post here.


Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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