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Helena is a clinical hypnotherapist, fertility therapist, IVF coach, mindfulness trainer and former midwife. You can find out more about her at helenatubridy.com.

This is a day in Helena’s life.

My day starts with a civilized 7.45am wakeup. That is the pleasure of working from home.

My rescue collie makes sure of a daily riverside walk through muddy fields no matter what the weather.Helena Profile Pic

Back home, armed with a cup of tea, I check voicemail, email and update my blog and Twitter with items of interest to my clients.

My client sessions begin at 10.30am followed by a quick lunch at home or meeting a friend.

From the first ecstatic 6am call from a newly pregnant lady, to tell me she was pregnant against all the odds, I realized my passion for Fertility Coaching.

Midwifery and gynae nursing experience combine with my psychotherapy and hypnotherapy qualifications so I am well placed to treat advise and support women.

I am grateful to help people at to make effective change for life. This is often at a low point, a change they haven’t chosen for themselves, infertility, miscarriage, illness, job loss. I treat people, not conditions! My solution-focused approach involves giving hope, a new perspective, restoring self-confidence and reducing anxiety. My Fertility Mindfulness course boosts natural fertility, like an athlete preparing for winning success. Lifestyle changes I focus on involve things like weight loss, getting exercise and relationship issues.

I am able to help ordinary people faced with a cancer diagnosis. They may be fearful of Chemo, suffering with anxiety, insomnia, nausea or pain. I am encouraged that fertility preservation is gaining prominence for young people. It is great offer real help for living well, beyond cancer, or in preparing for death.

I love teaching people of all ages prepare for interviews, get past panic attacks, learn to give presentations confidently or release a fear of flying.

Teens come along for study focus and calming exam terror!

I am keen to raise awareness of how you can mind and boost natural fertility.

That’s why my little guide book is free to download on my website and I talk regularly on radio.

Everyone is unique so no two days are the same.

Dinner is shared with my teen after school at 4pm.

My evening sessions run from 5pm til 7.30pm when I take calls from perspective clients and answer parenting forum queries in my role as ‘fertility expert’!

I’ll watch some TV beside the open fire and then catch up on whatever MOOC course I am doing, learning is something I love.

A light, funny book at bedtime is the perfect wind down for a good night’s sleep.


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