#DayInTheLife (1)Fran is mummy to 2 year old Molly, and has been a single mother for almost two years now. Fran started her blog, AddingUp2BeMum, just after Molly was born as a way to reach out to other mums and gain advice and support. AddingUp2BeMum is a lifestyle and parenting blog with a few recipes thrown in too


This is a day in Fran’s life:

2-5am.. Molly can’t possibly wait for morning to snuggle so early hours of the night she will wake in her cot and call for me to go andFullSizeRender-125 bring her into my bed. Since moving house a couple of months ago and with Molly being ill recently, she has spent many nights in my bed so I am just happy that we are now making progress and she will start the night off in her bed. I now need to crack this night time wake but am struggling here!
6am.. My alarm goes off. Zzzz. Monday to Wednesday I wake at 6am and start the morning routine to get ready for work. First thing I do before I can even think about getting ready is go downstairs and make myself a cup of tea and Molly a bottle. Whilst the kettle boils I start the fun activities like pack away the dishes on the draining board or prepare my lunch! The first half an hour in the morning seems to disappear (or it may be one too many snoozes!) so I don’t actually start getting ready until 6.30am. It’s a  quick shower to freshen up whilst Molly drinks her bottle in bed. Thankfully my hair is really easy to maintain so I don’t actually do anything with it, at most I may put a clip in it but other than that its done for the day from the moment I wake up, it doesn’t even get brushed! I rock the bed head look instead! I have to admit I spend the next twenty minutes putting my make up on! I can do it much quicker and I really don’t wear that much, it just takes a while for my eyes to open in the morning. Molly stays led in bed normally on the iPad at this point watching repeats of people open Kinder Surprise Eggs asking for chocolate!
7am.. My deadline I have to be ready by, and then it is on to Molly, and thankfully she only takes minutes! It’s then a quick tidy of upstairs and the beds get made. I make myself go downstairs by 7.15am and make sure I have everything ready for the day and make sure the place is tidy. It drives me insane to come home to a messy house so I clean up as much as I can whilst Molly has a quick play or watches the iPad some more.
7.45am.. My StepDad collects Molly and takes her to spend the day with him and my Mum who also watch over my niece and two nephews whilst my sister works so it’s a day of play for them.
8.15am.. I am in the office and ready to start work. I work in the Finance department of a major shoe company so I spend my day checking accounts, dealing with stores and customers, and processing statements.
12.30.. Lunch! I leave the office for an hour to go home and see Molly at my Mum’s and she kindly makes me lunch. It always feels like a flying visit but it’s lovely to squeeze in a hug and break the day up.
13.30.. Back in the office for the afternoon. I am lucky that I actually quite like my job so I don’t mind being at work when I am there, however it still breaks my heart to leave Molly. Thankfully I only work three days a week so my working week goes by so quickly and then I get to enjoy my long weekend.
5pm.. Home time! My Mum will either bring Molly to me or I will go pick her up and then it’s home for dinner. I try my best to make a healthy home cooked meal each night so sometimes this can take a little longer than I would ideally like so I try to prepare as much as I can. I always write out a weekly meal plan to save me time on thinking what to rustle up. I have recently joined Juice PLUS+ and am currently a Juice PLUS+ representative so I put a lot of effort in to preparing a healthy evening meal for the both of us to enjoy.
6.30pm.. I recently started to feel like my evenings were being wasted so I came up with a list of ideas to do each night. I love to write lists and find they really help me get more things done. Arts and crafts, singing and dancing, sports, role play, are all on our evening activity list as a quick go-to for something fun to do.
7.30pm.. Its bath time and PJ time. I always lay our clothes out ready for the morning the night before to save me an extra few minutes during the morning rush. Then it’s back downstairs to read a story book and snuggle up on the sofa. Molly tends to watch more iPad videos whilst drinking her bed time bottle and I finally change the television to something other than Peppa Pig. I don’t tend to actually watch the television but it’s nice to hear something other than kids tv in the background.
8pm.. I put Molly to bed and do a bit more tidying up! I then use the couple hours before bed to reply to emails and letters, blog, and promote my Juice PLUS+ business. Time I have finished all my chores and manage to put my laptop away I am so tired that I head straight to bed. I always find my ‘me’ time is never long enough to get all the bits that I want to done, especially if Molly heads to bed late. Throw in cleaning, ordering the food shopping and washing my hair and my time is gone.
10.30pm.. Good night!
Thursday to Sundays are my days off but I keep to my timings in a very similar way, apart from I don’t set a morning alarm and wait for Molly to wake me up around 7am. It’s only an hour later but it always feels like such a lie in! Thursdays are my ‘Check things off my to-do list’ day and then we go swimming in the evening. Friday mornings we go to a toddler group and then I line up some sort of afternoon activity or soft play. Saturdays I plan a day out and then get all excited to curl on the couch to watch Saturday night television! It’s not much to some but I always look forward to my evening and may even treat myself to a glass of wine! Sundays are for lazy days so we get all the toys out or watch films in front of the fire. Sundays always make me a little sad to know Monday is just a sleep away and I will have to leave my Princess again to go to work, but this always motivates me to think of new activities or find new places to visit in the week ahead (so I write another list!!).
I think my week is very typical for a single working parent – I try my best to spend all my free time with my toddler and make the most of every minute together. It’s scary that in just a few years my #DayInTheLife is going to be so different.



Fran is taking part in my #DayInTheLife project, a series of posts where people write about their typical day. If you would like to take part, please fill in the form on my blog post here.


Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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Adventures of a Novice Mum · 14/03/2015 at 06:14

Our changing #DayinTheLife … the more days, the more different each one becomes; in hindsight anyway.

Love how so organised you are; I could do with being this organised! It seems to help you to manage and juggle all your different responsibiliites; especially giving your daughter a good dose of your time!

Juice PLUS+ sounds good; anything to motivate an healthier lifestyle is good!

It’s so lovely that you have family support with childcare too; what a treat!

Thanks for sharing; and Single Mother Ahoy, thanks for your lovely project.

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