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Reasons to be Cheerful 2015-01-15

Reasons to be Cheerful


Happy Thursday! Have you had snow? We had a little yesterday – a 10-minute flurry with worrying large flakes, but it stopped as suddenly as it started, and left nothing behind. Ten minutes was plenty long enough for S to get super excited though, and she returned to the window at regular intervals throughout the day.

Here are my Reasons to be Cheerful this week:

Feeling Better

After being ill for almost an entire month, I woke up on Monday feeling human. I no longer wheeze when I breathe, and even managed to run up the stairs when I forgot S’s nursery bag. It’s fantastic to be able to actually walk more than five paces without needing to cough til I fall over!

Work Inspiration

I had a great meeting yesterday with a lady from Wiltshire Business Support. I didn’t even know the service existed until recently, and I’m so glad I found out about them! The lady was  really lovely and gave me loads of advice and tips for how to improve my business. If you’re self employed, or thinking about heading in that direction, definitely check out whether your local council has anything like this!

Going on Telly

Yesterday we had a visit from Russia Today; three lovely ladies came from London to chat about rising energy prices and the cost of heating a home. We had a lovely chat, and S made friends with them too which is always fun. I think she enjoyed having new people to show off her toys to! Also, possibly the weirdest part of the day was that one of the ladies who came to do the interview went to my old school. Ex South Wilts girls are everywhere!

This is S, watching the snow yesterday. The first time she'd seen snow!
This is S, watching the snow yesterday. The first time she’d seen snow!


Reasons to be Cheerful

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  • Ojo Henley


    Though are getting to be quite the tv star! Haha. I'm so glad you're feeling better, it's hard to keep going when you feel rough xx Ojo Henley recently posted...Reasons to be CheerfulMy Profile

  • Looking for Blue Sky


    Love your daughter's delight at the sight of snow, that's just priceless x Looking for Blue Sky recently posted...Reasons to be cheerful 16.1.15My Profile

  • Becky Willoughby (@LakesSingleMum)


    Such an interesting mix of reasons! So glad you are feeling better and the rest seems exciting. Thanks for joining in. Becky Willoughby (@LakesSingleMum) recently posted...Reasons to be Cheeful the windswept edition #R2BCMy Profile

  • Ruth@Mummy and the Mexicans


    Glad you're feeling better, that's definitely a reason to be cheerful. And how exciting - seeing snow for the first time! #WeekendBlogHop Ruth@Mummy and the Mexicans recently posted...#52 Memories Project - Week 1My Profile

  • Kate Holmes


    Lovely reasonsT and I am so glad you are feeling better. You are a very admirable woman. The photo is stunningly beautiful Kate Holmes recently posted...What are my reasons to be cheerful this week?My Profile

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