Well, here we are at the end of January and also the end of the first month of my Happiness Project. This month’s challenge was to sing every day with S.

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Highlights of this month include:

  • As mentioned in my podcast,  one evening S was sitting in my lap singing songs. We began to sing Wheels on the Bus and S began winding her arms around, shouting “come on Mummy!” Half way through the song, she realised that she recognised those actions from a different song, and began doing the actions for Wind the Bobbin Up pointing to the window, the door and so on. I caught on to what she was doing, and we began singing the song together. It was lovely to add another song to our repertoire, and I could tell S was really pleased she knew all the actions and could show them to me.
  • S knows she’s not allowed to have a dvd on in bed if there is nursery the next day – but sometimes she forgets, and gets a bit upset when I remind her she can’t have one on. This has been easily resolved each time by a quick cuddle and some songs.
  • The other evening we were singing and S had Ted in her lap. When it came to Wind the Bobbin Up she held Ted’s hands and had him do the actions. It was so cute to watch!
  • I’ve noticed that S sings a lot more throughout the day, for no apparently reason and without prompting.
  • The other evening we went to a friend’s house for tea. On the way home it was dark, and we saw some stars in the sky. S immediately began singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and sang it all the way home!

I’ve enjoyed my January challenge. I think it’s helped S and I to get through some tricky situations involving bed times and bad dreams. It has also brightened my mood. Obviously that was the point of the challenge, but I wasn’t really prepared for how immediate the effect would be.

Sometimes when S is over excited at bed time, she will kick her legs about as I’m trying to change her nappy. Sometimes I can calm her down; other times I can end up with a kick in the face. A couple of times she’s kicked my glasses, which has been more painful and quite worrying – I can’t afford to get them fixed if they break. When this sort of thing happens it can make bed time really stressful but if I can get through that and get her ready for bed, a bit of singing calms us both down.

I’ve even found myself singing without S for company. The other day I had a lovely time washing up, singing Carpenters songs to myself.

My month of singing every day is over, but I think I will do my best to continue is at much as possible – it’s definitely a great addition to any day.

There will be a post tomorrow detailing my February Happiness Project challenge.


Meanwhile, if you have a suggestion as to a challenge I could do later in the year, do please fill in the form below. The only rule about these challenges is that they must be something that I could do every day for a month, that would make me and/or S happier.

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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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