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Welcome to 2015!

Unfortunately I was unavailable for this week’s five things…. or rather, my voice was. We’re hoping it will come home ready for next week!

We thought for the first week of the year, we’d give you five things you need to know about the entire year, rather than just this week… so here we go.


General Election

There’s a General Election on May 7th, and it’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top. Miliband has hired the guy who got Obama elected… but perhaps Obama was more electable in the first place. Will Cameron be successful again… will Farage get his day… Will Clegg even get a look in?

Interesting point: the election is sure to overshadow the fact that on May 8th, the British MPs salary will increase by 9%, bringing their basic annual salary to £74,000. Is your MP earning that money?  I say make them work for it; bother them with what bothers you!

Fifa Women’s World Cup

The Fifa Women’s World Cup is in Canada this June, starting on the 6th. Football’s governing body have done a fantastic job of showing how much they support women’s football… by scheduling a massive Champions League match on the opening night. I wonder which will be more widely reported. Good work, Fifa.

The Queen

If she’s still hanging onto that throne by 10th September, Queen Elizabeth II will surpass her great-great grandmother VIctoria’s record as longest reigning monarch. She’ll also be 89 years of age. Victoria was 81, so she’s already been beaten on that front… Prince Charles, on the other hand, is already 66 so he’s not likely to break any records if and when he makes it to the throne. Unless he gets a bionic body or something.Or one of those jars for his head like they have on Futurama.

Rugby World Cup

Football isn’t the only sport with a world cup this year – and England has actually won a rugby world cup fairly recently! This year we’re hosting the event too, so expect a lot of rugby fans kicking about the country! The fun kicks off (can you say that about rugby?) on the 18th September, when we play Fiji at Twickenham.

Fifty Shades Movie

You might have heard about some movie being released this year… 13th February sees the release of one of the most eagerly-anticipated movies of a generation. EL James originally wrote Twilight fan fiction, and then developed that into what we now know as Fifty Shades of Grey. People all over the globe have read her books, and are now eagerly awaiting the movie version, starring Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. To me the series is a misogynistic story that glamorises domestic abuse, and the fact we’re all worried about who’s playing Christian Grey but don’t know (or care) who’s playing the female lead only serves to highlight this. But yes, the film is released right before Valentine’s Day. How very romantic.


We’ll be back next week with five things you need to know.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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