#DecemberSelfie The End


My month of selfies is over! At the start of the challenge, my plan was to get so used to posting selfies, I would be less petrified of having photos of myself published.

Until December, I did occasionally post selfies… but they were usually the result of my taking around 50 selfies from slightly different angles before finally publishing one of them. Typically I would end up pulling a funny face in them, so as to seem like I was deliberately looking stupid, rather than risk posting a photo of myself with a “normal” expression and accidentally looking stupid.

I think I’ve become more accepting of my face… even my chins! There were even a couple of photos posted, where I took only one photo and posted it – without the rigmarole of taking loads of pictures and choosing the least offensive.

I’m still not overly impressed with the way I look, but I think I’m less worried about what other people might think. I am working on my issues, and this has definitely helped with that!


And so… on to the next challenge!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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