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This is my second week of setting goals for myself. These posts are me attempting to hold myself to account, and actually feel like I’ve achieved something with my week. Lately my days and weeks have been rolling into each other without my really feeling like I’ve done anything of note – and I need to get a grip on that!

This week I did a day’s work in a friend’s office, which was weirdly fun. We worked from 9 til 4 solidly, without even stopping for lunch and it felt really good. It made me realise I need to inject some discipline into my work when I’m at home; it’s so easy to just get distracted by things, to spend time on social media or blogging when I should be working.

I also bumped into a friend I’d not seen for a while; she’s changed her work and is now writing plays for a living. She’s also a single mother, and we had a great conversation about trying to stay focussed on our work and motivated, when we’re also trying to be present with our children, keep house, put food on the table, and juggle everything else that life throws at us. It was good to talk to someone who understands!

So, how did I get on with last week’s goals?

Get my head down and work – well, I got most of my work done. I did still waste a fair amount of time, but I also covered more than I expected!

Sort the kitchen – it sort of happened… in that I tidied a bit. But nowhere near as much as I need to. There is still junk everywhere, and I think I probably need to dispose of a lot of things!

Finish Far From the Tree – I finally managed it! It’s such an epic book, and also something of a doorstop – I thought I would never finish. But I did… and now I have that horribly bereft feeling you get when you don’t know what you can read next that will ever live up to that standard.


The Nectar Collective
So… three goals for this week:
Get my head down and work! – again! Nursery is closed for two weeks over Christmas, and I really don’t want to be spending those two weeks trying to fit my work around S and fun. I need to spend the next couple of weeks making sure everything is as up to date as possible so that I can enjoy S’s Christmas holidays.
Meditate twice – This time last year, I committed to meditate every day for three weeks. I did it, and kept it up for a long while afterwards. Since the move though, all of this has fallen well by the wayside and I am noticing the effects. I want to get back to meditating properly, but I also want to set a realistic goal. So twice it is.
Have coffee with a friend  – this one sounds really silly, I know. The thing is, working from home means it’s very easy to just spend all day sitting home on my own, and then get to the end of the week and feel like I’m going a bit mad and haven’t had a proper conversation all week. Also, being a writer, it’s pretty hard to write anything of substance  the only conversations you’ve had this week are about poo and whether to put peanut butter or jam on this morning’s toast.
So those are my goals for this week; what are yours?

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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Sarah · 02/12/2014 at 02:40

Stumbled on your blog from the link up! Oh I hate that feeling of loss when a book or TV show ends. I walk around dazed for at least a day. I’ll have to check out that book. Best wishes with your goals. I work from home w my kids and yeah it’s do-able but maddening ;)

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