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I’ve been ill for the last week, which is far from ideal at this time of year. I decided the only way to get through such a week was to just do the absolute minimum in order to get by. I rescheduled everything I possibly could, and tried not to put any pressure on myself to get things done. Work-wise, I’ve got most things done. The house is a bit of a tip, and I’m sure there’s at least one person for whom I’ve not yet bought a Christmas present… but we’ll see.

I think the only thing I actually managed to do this week was get to Wave 105 to record this week’s 5 Things – something that involved a migraine, a slow walk back to the train station and then a coughing fit both on the platform and for the duration of the train ride home. I’m glad I did it though; I think this week’s was one of our better ones. Possibly because I was half-blind and off my head on Benylin!

So how did I do with this week’s goals?

Take some time for myself – I ended up forced to do this, as I was feeling too ill to do much else. Most of Tuesday was spent laying on the sofa half-watching movies as I felt sorry for myself – instead of working in the office of a local company, as I was supposed to!

Get ahead with my work – well… er… At this exact moment in time, I have one piece of copy to write, and two blog posts to schedule for next week. I think I did okay, under the circumstances!

Finish the Christmas shopping – I failed at this one… but only slightly. At the time of writing, I have two gifts left to buy. I also bit the bullet and did our food shopping online, which took a massive weight off!



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This week’s goals
Clear the living room – I’ve given up hope on having the entire flat spick and span by Christmas, but we have 5 people coming over for Christmas morning, so we need to have space for them! Bare minimum, I need to have the living room clear of junk, and the kitchen tidied so that there’s somewhere for the food to go!
Stress-free Christmas dinner/day – I’m cooking for myself, S, my mum and my sister so it’s not going to be a massive affair. The plan is to prepare as much as possible the night before, and then be very relaxed about it on Christmas day. This will be the first Christmas where S knows what is going on, and since she spent her first 2 teething and cross, it’ll hopefully also be the first one where she enjoys herself! I don’t want to miss out on any of that because I’m in the kitchen worrying about stuffing.
Spend quality time with S  – up to today, poor old S has spent her Christmas holidays playing in the living room while I was too ill to join in. I want to spend time with her doing crafts and baking, as well as playing with her new presents!

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