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Another hectic week… I am so over the Christmas rush now! Actually… I don’t think anything I did this week was anything to do with the Christmas rush. It was just hectic.

My week involved: a day’s training in the office of a local company who want me to help out in the new year; a trip to Wave 105 to record this week’s five things; a fantastic talk from Doug Richard (off Dragons Den), making fun plans with friends for the new year… oh, and trying to cram in a ton of actual work around it.

So how did I do with this week’s goals?

Meditate twice – Fail, fail, fail, fail. I woke up before S on Sunday morning and was tempted to sneak out of bed to meditate before she got up… but by the time I came back from the bathroom, she was awake. My evenings just seem to be running away from me to be honest. Maybe I should leave this one until after the Christmas rush has died down a bit and I have time to scratch my bum!

Spend some quality time with S – I think I did okay with this. We had a chilled day off on Wednesday, and on Thursday instead of taking her to her friend’s for tea I brought her home and we chilled out together. We’ve both been feeling quite run down lately and much as I knew she would enjoy going to her friend’s for tea, I knew she would benefit more from a nice quiet evening and an early night. We had a lovely weekend together too; we’ve one more week of nursery and then two weeks off together. I can’t wait!

Get ahead with some work – er… well, the one day I had to actually do any work, I was ill and ended up passing out on the sofa. I’m still flying by the seat of my pants, work-wise and only doing work as I hurtle toward deadlines. This week doesn’t look much better to be honest; I don’t even have a full day at home in which to crack on with some work. Then again, if I only have a couple of hours I tend to be more productive so perhaps (hopefully) I’ll be ok!


The Nectar Collective
This week’s goals
Take some time for myself – as mentioned above, I have a ridiculous week coming up with loads of appointments and stuff I can’t move. It’s going to be hectic, and I need to make sure I take some time here and there for myself, so that I’m not stressy with S when I’m spending time with her.
Get ahead with my work – I know, I had this one last week too – but I really have no choice this week! Nursery closes on Friday for two weeks, and I really don’t want to spend our Christmas holidays playing “just a minute sweetie” with S while I try to get things written and posted for clients. So this week I need to do as much as possible. This goal may be in direct conflict with the previous one.
Finish the Christmas shopping – I don’t want to spend S’s Christmas holiday dragging her around shops trying to find random things. Going to the shops with a toddler at this time of year is fun only if you don’t need to actually buy things.
Have you set yourself any goals this week?


Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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Ashlee · 15/12/2014 at 21:58

Great goals this week! Getting the holiday shopping done is pretty nightmarish without a toddler with me, so I can’t even imagine what you must endure. You can accomplish all of your goals and more. You got this! xoxo

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