Last week, I went to parents’ evening at S’s nursery. I talked to her keyworker about how she’s getting on at nursery, how she gets on with the other children, all the usual things you talk about at these things. Then I was given S’s Learning Journeys to bring home. There are three scrapbooks filled with photos and observations, and has just started a fourth – which is apparently unusual for a child in the 2-3s room. I brought the last two home, as I’ve seen everything in the first two.

Looking at S’s Learning Journeys is so fantastic! It’s great to see photos of all the things she’s been up to at nursery; I get feedback every day when I pick her up, details of what she’s been up to – but it’s not the same as seeing the actual photos.



This photo is from May this year; S is enjoying playing football with Little Kickers, who came into nursery on Tuesdays during the Summer term. There are lots of photos like this on the page, which also includes this write-up:

S has been so excited to play football with Little Kickers today. As she came outside she began laughing and jumping at the sight of all the activities set up. S listened very well and was able to run to the goal with her ball and place it carefully on the cone, she then kicked it hard with her left and right foot.



This photo is from July, when they had a visit from Zoolab. S held a tortoise, a cockroach, a millipede, a giant snail and a snake – and was apparently really confident about it too! The lady from Zoolab asked if perhaps she had any weird animals as pets at home because she was so cool about it all!  We don’t even have a cat, but S just loves animals!


Whenever we turn a corner and S sees Salisbury Cathedral, she shouts “I found the cathedral!!” … or her toddler-speak equivalent of it any way. In this photo from October, S was on a trip with nursery to a local park when she spotted the cathedral – and posed for a photo in front of it!

There are tons of other photos in the books; I love looking through them and seeing all the fun things they do at nursery; it also gives me ideas for what to do at home with her! She looks so young in some of the earlier photos; it’s great to see the progression in how she looks, and her behaviour.

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Kim Carberry · 10/12/2014 at 10:23

Aww! How lovely! It’s so nice to see what they get up when they’re not with you! What a fantastic way to keep you informed x

Pinkoddy · 10/12/2014 at 14:38

I love how they record the memories and achievements at schools/preschools now. What a journey so far :)

sam fernley · 10/12/2014 at 18:16

Such a lovely way for them to record the preschool journey. Little Kickers sounds a lot of fun – they have such great groups now for kids don’t they x

Jane - Ethan's Escapades · 16/12/2014 at 09:15

I love these books for exactly the same reasons. She has had some great experiences at nursery, it sounds like a fun place to be. I love that Little Kickers went into the nursery, we took Ethan to these but he didn’t get on that well with it. He might do a little better now.

Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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