Hi Readers! I’m Ross, a car safety expert with a flair for traveling! I have traveled extensively but still feel there is a lot more to see. Last year, I decided to combine both my passions and have done a series of road trips across counties and beyond. I’m writing this piece to give basic safety knowledge which will keep people out of trouble while on a road trip.

Before leaving for Europe by car, it is a good idea to check that your insurance is valid for overseas travel. The last thing you want to face is as accident, but if one happens and you need to make a claim, then you will want everything to go smoothly with you insurer. And, of course, drivers don’t want to fall foul of the local laws by driving around without adequate insurance.

Another thing to do before you leave, in order to ensure that your road trip goes smoothly, is to make sure you have all of the equipment on board that the regulations require. These vary depending on where in Europe you intend to drive, but because most European road trips tend to start in France, it is at least worth checking you comply with the French driving regulations. This means carrying things like warning triangles, high visibility vests, a first aid kit and breathalyser kits.

Generally speaking, the roads in Western Europe are in good condition. In Britain, many of the roads are covered pot holes and repaired sections of tarmac, but the Autoroutes of France and Autobahns of Germany tend to be much smoother surfaces to drive on.

However, the good condition of the tarmac on motorways is not always to be found on the minor and more local roads. Make sure that your tyres are in good condition, with sufficient tread on them to allow you to drive a few thousand miles.

Tyre experts, Point S, provide tyre fitting services all over UK and across Europe recommend using a dedicated tread guide. Furthermore, you should also confirm that you have the correct amount of pressure in each tyre, just in case you hit a pot hole because properly inflated tyres can cope better with

them. Remember to adjust the pressure in accordance with the load you are carrying, particularly important if you are towing a caravan or a trailer.

According to a leading motoring organisation, about thirty per cent of UK-based motorists worry about mechanical failure or having an accident whilst driving in Europe. However, the RAC say that only a small proportion of these drivers bother to check their breakdown and recovery cover before leaving.

Many of the British recovery specialists will include a certain amount of European cover in their package, but this is sometimes limited to a certain period, for instance 21 days only.

To travel in Europe with peace of mind, especially if your road trip will run over several weeks, it is better to check before you leave.

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