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Alison Cragg blogs at Messed Up Mum, a lifestyle and beauty blog. She is a twenty-six-year-old, recently single parent of one. Josh was born in May 2013. This is a day in her life…

textgram_1418169813I’ve agreed to do a guest post about how my usual day goes as I did one similar for another blog a few months back and I’d like to see the difference in the ‘then and now’. My anxiety has decreased a huge amount since the last one so I’m pretty excited to write this one as I think it will be more positive!

So my day usually begins at 7am, waking to the sound of my boy playing in his cot. He never cries, just waits patiently which is ace, gives me time to wake up. We get up and he’ll sit on the sofa with a bottle of milk while I do my daily chores; get a wash on, get breakfast ready, get our clothes ready for the day, etc. We have toddler groups and library clubs most mornings, and on the days we don’t have any we book into the local sensory room, so we’re usually up and out.

If we have any visiting to do we’ll do it after our clubs, we’ll go to nannys or granddads for lunch. Then we’ll get home so we can both have our afternoon nap. I know I should probably be using that time more wisely but I don’t sleep most nights so that power nap is needed. Goodness knows how I’ll cope when J grows out of them!

J can sometimes nap for an hour, he can sometimes nap for three. It depends hugely on his teething, he always sleeps more when he has one coming through. I’ll put him in his cot and finish the washing, clean up from the morning and any other little chores, and emjpy a cuppa in bed before my nap. When he has a long nap it gives me a chance to get up and have another hot brew while catching up on my recorded programmes. I like it but after a while I start to miss him and begin to bang around in hope that I wake him!

I make dinner, quite often just a random mix of whatever I can find thrown into the tagine. I’m not the best cook, yet doing that I seem to come up with some beautiful concoctions! We then spend the evening chilling and enjoying each other’s company. We have snuggles on the sofa, tickles, a mad half an hour of chasing each other and me throwing him about! J has a bath at 6.30ish so we can get him snug and settled for a bottle and a story and bed at 7pm.

So that’s our usual daily routine, although obviously we do shake it up every now and again with a day out or sometimes even a day in baking and drawing. Daddy is off over the weekend so he takes J out (me and him are separated but still live together) so I can catch up with friends, blogging and housework. Again I miss J on these days and love it when I get him back!

Alison is taking part in my #DayInTheLife project, a series of posts where people write about their typical day. If you would like to take part, please fill in the form on my blog post here.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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Lysa @ Welcome To My Circus · 19/12/2014 at 20:37

You have a very active life as you are out and about everyday… I’m a bit envious as I rarely get the opportunity to leave these days… Not sure which is better really Ha-ha

Wishing you a magical and memorable Christmas!

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