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Weekly Wishes – Setting Some Goals

Weekly Wishes


While taking part in #ArchiveDay this weekend, I stumbled across The Nectar Collective, and was delighted to find that there is a Monday linky for goal setting. I thought I might take part, and see if I can’t achieve something of note this week.

Since we moved house, I’ve been severely lacking in routine, and as such have wasted a lot of time faffing about, trying to figure out what I should be doing. Or, you know, on social media. I think setting a few weekly goals will help me to get back into the swing of things!

Last week was pretty busy; this time last month I had four days each week in which to get my work (and housework, shopping etc) done. This meant that most days were a fairly relaxed affair with a lot of “hmm, what shall I do next” about them. Then I was offered a weekly spot on a radio show, which means that Fridays are largely wash-out, and I can’t get much done aside from reading and planning. On top of that, this week I spent Tuesday working in a friend’s office, far out of town and with no wifi connection. It was weirdly relaxing to be engrossed in work I don’t normally do; six hours had passed before I knew what had happened, and I didn’t even eat all of the packed lunch I took with me! Delightful though it was, it left me with two days in which to do four days’ work, washing, cleaning, tidying and shopping. It did not end well. After all that, on Saturday a very lovely friend gave us a sofa – which meant a day spent clearing space in the living room, tidying and sorting and organising, in order to fit everything in.


The Nectar Collective


My Goals for This Week:

Get my head down and work!  It’s the last week of the month, which means I need to get my head down and do as much work as possible in order to finish projects, get blogs up to date and – most importantly – get invoices sent out on time.

Sort the kitchen. We’ve been here a month now, and still there is a lot of junk in my kitchen that doesn’t have a proper home. It just gets put wherever it’s put, which is usually on our kitchen island, which then just gets covered in junk and doesn’t look very nice – especially considering it’s the first thing you see as you come through the door! The plan is to find a home for all junk, clear the kitchen island and use it only for food preparation and toddler-biscuit-making-shenanigans.

Finish Far From The TreeI’ve been reading this book for months now; it’s an amazing book, but very long. And I’ve not taken much time to read lately, other than ten minutes before bed each night – so it’s taken me ages to get through it. I now have only 50 pages left, and I’m determined to read those 50 pages this week!


Do you set yourself weekly goals? Or monthly ones? Do you find they help you to get things done, or just stand as a list of things you didn’t achieve, when you come back to review them?

Vicky is a single mother, a blogger, a podcaster and a social media trainer. You can find her blogging, business and social media tips at

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    I might give this a go, I really need to set myself some goals, namely not hitting snooze on the alarm and the running around like a headless chicken before the school run! Dominique Simpson recently posted...Easy & Simple Christmas GarlandMy Profile

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