5 Things You Need To Know This Week


This evening, I was on Wave 105 listing five things you need to know about this week… here is some more information on those five things.

1. Carry On at the Colosseum with Anita Harris

The Bournemouth Colosseum cinema is the smallest cinema in the UK, with only 19 seats. They have regular showings of films, and also hire out their venue for private viewings, talks and functions. They also have lots of film festivals and events… the latest being Carry On at the Colosseum with Anita Harris

Anita Harris is a Bournemouth local who featured in two Carry On films: Carry On Follow That Camel and Carry On Doctor.

There is an afternoon and an evening screening, each with a question and answer session with Anita Harris and a showing of one of Ms Harris’s Carry On films. Here are some fun facts about Anita Harris’s Carry On films:

  • Carry On Follow That Camel was Anita’s Carry On debut in 1967; it was filmed on location at Camber Sands in Sussex.
  • They filmed on location for three weeks – the longest they were ever away from their spiritual home at Pinewood Studios.
  • The camel featured in the movie was on loan from Chessington Zoo, but it had never walked on sand before – so they had to train it before they could film!
  • Carry On Doctor was supposed to be the last carry on film, but luckily they changed their minds!
  • Sid James’s part in Carry On Doctor was reduced and mostly featured him in bed, as he was still recovering from a recent heart attack.

2. Armistice Day

We’ve already had the Remembrance Sunday parades, but it is still tradition to observe two minutes’ silence on November 11th.

The Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red installation by Paul Cummins and Tom Piper at the Tower of London will be finished at 11am on Tuesday 11th November, as the final ceramic poppy is planted. There will then be 888,246 poppies; one for each British soldier who died during the First World War. The poppies will then cover the equivalent of 16 football pitches, and comprise over 90 tonnes of steel. Whether you agree with the installation or not, you have to marvel at that many hand-made ceramic poppies, and the sheer amount of work and organisation that must have gone into it… only question is, how will they top it in four years, when it comes to marking 100 years since the end of the war?

There has been an online petition for the poppies to stay at the Tower after Wednesday, but it doesn’t look like it’s getting very far, and it has been confirmed they will be removed on the 12th.

3. World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is on Thursday 13th November. It’s a day when we’re all supposed to be kind to each other… that’s pretty much all you need to know! This site has some great resources, including some cute paper monsters you can download and print out to hand to people when you do your kind deed.

If you’re looking for some ideas of ways to be kind (after all, it doesn’t come as naturally as it used to these days!), here are some suggestions:

  • Give someone a compliment about their outfit, their hair, something they’ve done lately.
  • Give a small gift – chocolate coins are next to most tills these days. You could buy a net and give them to your friend or colleague.
  • Hold open a door for the person or people behind you.
  • If you go to a coffee shop before work, pay for the person behind you (a good barista always knows what the next person in line is having)
  • If you cross a toll bridge on the way to or from work, pay for the vehicle behind you as well.
  • Leave cake or sweets in the break area at work.
  • Buy a homeless person a coffee.
  • Let someone out ahead of you at a junction.
  • Make a nice comment on a blog (hint, hint)!

4. Nativity 3: Dude, Where’s My Donkey?

The latest instalment in the Nativity movies is released this Friday; the first of the big Christmas movies! I love Christmas, so I’m really excited about this release.

The children of St Bernadette’s Primary are back, this time with a very stern new headmistress (played by Celia Imrie) and a new teacher, very cleverly named Mr Shepherd (played by Martin Clunes)

As with all fabulous Christmas movies, the storyline is ludicrous. Mr Shepherd is a single parent, but he’s promised his young daughter he will give her a new mum, by marrying Sophie (Catherine Tate) in New York on Christmas Eve. But he has a freak accident involving a kick in the head, and loses his memory. Not only does he forget about his new mum/New York promise, he forgets where Archie the Donkey is.

Mr Poppy (Mark Wootton) decides the best way to solve the problem is to enter the children of the school in a flashmob competition – of course! And – of course – hilarity ensues. I, for one, cannot wait. I’m not even kidding.

5. Euro 2016 Qualifier Match

I’m not particularly interested in football, but this one is vaguely interesting to me – not least because Roy Hodgson has named no fewer than seven current or former Saints players in his lineup. Fraser Forster and Nathaniel Clyne are both current Saints players, with Theo Walcott, Calum Chambers, Adam Lallana, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Rickie Lambert all getting a call up. Proof, were it needed, that the training ground at St Mary’s is producing some fantastic talent these days. Also worth mentioning that Saints remain second in the Premier league, behind Chelsea (for the moment!) as at the time of writing.

So far England are 3 for 3 in qualifying matches; can they make it a fourth against Slovenia on Saturday? Well, Hodgson has been quoted in the media, complaining about the NFL match that was played at Wembley this weekend – because there will only be six days for the pitch to recover before the national football team play. To me, that sounds a little bit like making a “just in case” excuse – but we’ll see.

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