5 Thing You Need to Know This Week


So here we are, another Sunday evening; here are five things you need to know this week – as heard on Wave 105 Radio this evening.

1. Unfriend Day

This Monday, November 17th, is Unfriend Day. The day was set up by US comedian Jimmy Kimmel, idea being that we should “trim the fat” of our Facebook friends. How many Facebook friends do you have? And how many do you actually know? How many do you interact with on a regular basis? Perhaps there are a couple whose updates drive you batty, their constant humble-brags, or not-so-humble-brags, their poor spelling, txt spk, whatever. Today is the day where you grow a spine and unfriend, unfriend, unfriend!

Suggestions for unfriending: any ex boyfriend/girlfriend; any of your partner’s ex boyfriends/girlfriends; any account set up for someone’s pet; anyone you dislike; anyone who doesn’t speak to you when you see each other in the street.

I challenge you to unfriend at least one person on Monday 17th November. Happy Unfriend Day!

2. Jeeves & Wooster at the Mayflower

Wicked finishes at the Mayflower this weekend, and the next big show is Perfect Nonsense, winner of the Olivier Award for Best New Comedy in 2014. Starring John Gordon Sinclair (he of Gregory’s Girl fame and… I think he writes books) as Jeeves, and James Lance (the hilarious Ben from I’m Alan Partridge and… you know, more grown up and recent stuff) as Bertie Wooster, it’s on for three nights, from the 18th-22nd November and well worth a look. Also there’s a post performance talk with the cast and crew on the 20th; well worth a visit!

3. Dawn French at the Bournemouth Pavillion

Dawn French is on tour. Not just any tour, though; her first ever solo tour. She toured loads with her old partner in crime, Jennifer Saunders, but has never gone it alone. The tour is called Thirty Million Minutes because this is the number of minutes (56 years) she has managed to live, without ever having attempted a solo standup show.

A second date has been added to French’s Pavillion appearance – she is now there on the 19th and 20th. Definitely worth a look if you’re even the smallest of fans.

4. Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

Jennifer Lawrence is back with her bow and arrow, and she’s probably bringing that pout with her too. The film makers have decided to split Suzanne Collins’ third Hunger Games book into two – possibly because there are only three books – and the film franchise has been doing quite well for itself.

Katniss has escaped the Quarter Quell and is now the reluctant hero of the nation. She’s from District 12, but she wakes up at the start of the movie in District 13 and it’s a whole different world.

As you may know, Philip Seymour Hoffman died with one week left of filming. The film makers decided not to re-cast the part. Instead they used re-writes and digital effects to mitigate his loss.

Despite my suspicions at the film makers having split the third book into two movies, this is probably worth a look. The movie is still over two hours long, so it’s possible the film makers have included more details from the book – something they didn’t do with the first two. The first two movies were outstanding, if only for the costumes and effects. However, if you’ve not seen the first two, you should probably watch them first…

5. Eastleigh Christmas Lights!

We couldn’t have a week in November without a mention of Christmas. We’re getting into lights switch-on season now, and Eastleigh have theirs going on this Saturday, the 22nd. What I love about this one is that it’s an all-day affair; it starts at 11am with children’s rides, activities and music. There’s a Father Christmas (not a Santa) in his grotto waiting to greet the children, and there’s even a climbing wall. Then at 5:15 there’s a special parade through the town, led by Father Christmas obviously. The Mayor of Eastleigh will switch the lights on at 6pm, with a fantastic fireworks display. I love Christmas, and the lights going on is just the start of the shenanigans!

I’ll be back next week with… hopefully five Christmassy things.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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