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As the population continues to age (by 2030, nearly 20% of Americans will be over 65 years old), technology has begun to play a more crucial role in helping seniors age comfortably at home- and seniors themselves are getting more comfortable with technology. For example, 79% of seniors believe that a personal alert system is a key home feature later in life, and six in ten seniors report using the Internet, while 77% of seniors own a cell phone.
Technology has evolved to help seniors stay safe and connected while also assisting them with entertainment, health/wellness, communication, and assistance. Some of these useful technologies are free, such as the Skype App for iPad that allows users to make video or voice calls, or the Tek Partner Universal Remote Control, a large remote with easy-to-read buttons.
For a low price, seniors and their caregivers may also purchase the 5Star Medical Device Alert and Splash, which connects users with an agent in case of an emergency. A Jitterbug Cell Phone allows visually-impaired seniors to easily make phone calls, and the TabSafe medication dispenser, which is often covered by insurance, also monitors use of medication, alerting caregivers if the medication is refused or not taken.
If your family lives far from your aging senior and sometimes has difficulty communicating, you can use the BeClose’s wireless sensors to detect activity and send you an alert if there’s not any movement. A similar product, the MobileHelp, uses a mobile, GPS-connected emergency button to give location information to an agent if the user is unable to communicate. To make staying in touch easy, the Telikin is a senior-friendly computer system with pre-installed communication software. Apple’s iPad is also capable of holding many communication, entertainment, and assistance applications, making it a versatile choice for senior home tech.
No matter how tech-savvy your senior is, there is a technology that will help your senior age in place comfortably, while also giving you peace of mind that your loved one is safe.
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