Morrisons have recruited lots of bloggers to become #MorrisonsMums and #MorrisonsDads to investigate their new cheaper range. They’ve permanently lowered the prices of over 1000 every day foods, and challenged the bloggers to do their bank holiday shop there.

There is a long tradition in my family, of driving to places a little further afield than normal, and making a day trip out of a supermarket shop. I’m not even joking; a superstore opened 25 miles away a couple of years ago, and we made several outings to have a wander around.

When I was chosen as a #MorrisonsMum then, I knew what to do: call my mother and arrange a family outing to the store that was definitely not closest to us. We went to the Warminster store, which is about 22 miles from where I live. It was fun though, and we definitely did make a day trip of it!

I’d only been to a Morrisons once before, and I have to say I was impressed with it. There were all sorts of fruits and vegetables you can’t normally get in the supermarkets I shop in (mentioning no names!) I spent a fair amount of time wandering around the fruit and veg with S and my sister, trying to name all the weird-looking stuff.

Look, I told you we’d made a day trip of it, ok!

S enjoying a ride in a JCB at the checkouts

We had a family bank holiday roast with the food we bought:

This chicken was £5!

My sister and her boyfriend enjoyed themselves!

There were four adults and two children for dinner; we had roast chicken, roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, kale and stuffing. I cooked the chicken according to this recipe.

Incidentally, I don’t usually buy stuffing; I bought it because I knew my sister liked it, and I thought I’d try out the Morrisons one. The box I bought was this one:

It was 87p and when we started eating, my mum asked if I’d made my own stuffing again, like I did at Christmas.

Any way, allowing for half a portion per small person, the meal worked out as £1.77 per person.

There were no leftovers; we are a classy bunch, and sat and polished off the rest of the roast potatoes after pudding. Nom.

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kateonthinice · 10/05/2014 at 11:43

Really enjoyed reading this post. You can't beat a roast dinner surrounded by family members. I too would make a trip out of such things. Life is for living and making memories and it sounds like your family really get that. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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