Weekend Blog Hop 2014-03-15

Happy Weekend!

I hope everyone is happy and filled with sunshine and joy today!

How was your week? Did you do lots of fun things?

We have Paddington from nursery for the week, so I’ve been taking lots of photos of him.

Weekend Blog Hop Paddington Oh Dear Book Steiff Teddy
Other highlights this week include… oh yes! A fabulous trip to London with a truly remarkable lady, to collect her Mother & Baby Big Hearts award for “Beyond the Call of Duty.” It was lovely to see her, and fabulous to see her getting an award for something she says is “just doing my job” but actually everyone I’ve spoken to who’s met her at work has said the same thing about her – she is amazing.
Oh yeah, I also went on a date. With a nice man. Someone I met a while back but we just never managed to sort our schedules out until now, but I’m glad we did.
My week has been fairly awesome, and I hope yours has too. If something especially good has happened for you, please feel free to leave a comment. I’ve given up interacting on social media for Lent, and I don’t like not knowing what my friends are up to!
Any way, without further ado, here is the bit you came for. As I cannot interact on social media etc, I am hopeful that all participants in this hop will like, follow and comment on each other’s posts so as to keep up the spirit of the blog hop. Please do make the effort to visit just a couple of other people and say hi!
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Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekend!

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  • Candace


    Hope the date went well. You deserve it

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