Weekend Blog Hop 2014-03-08

Happy Weekend!

This week marked the start of Lent. Have you given something up for Lent this year? Perhaps you’ve taken something up instead? I’ve given up interacting on social media. You may have noticed a distinct lack of me on Twitter and Facebook lately. You can read about my ridiculous challenge here. Simon and I will be updating regularly on how things are going.

Other things that have happened this week include World Book Day shenanigans at nursery (they lasted all week), me getting addicted to Arrow, lots of writing, lots of not posting on Facebook. lots of cuddles, and lots of Despicable Me.

Hot cross buns, funny faces and cuddles!

On Monday, I am off to London. Not to visit the queen, but to go to the Big Heart Awards. I nominated someone for an award, and she won it – so we’re off up to have a fun afternoon out. I will blog about it next week, and you can all read about how awesome the lady collecting the award is.

Any way, enough of me. Here is the linky!
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  • Candace


    Lovely photo of the pair of you together

  • April Connor


    Ahh man! Made a boo boo with my link! &quot;A&quot; is supposed to be Adventures With The Cronks :(<br />

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