As we were leaving nursery one day last week, we were handed a very special bag… Paddington was coming home with us for the week!

He came in a bag with a diary for us to fill in, a story book and a few other bits.

So here’s what we did with him:

Paddington and Tigger get a cuddle




On his first night we were a little unprepared, so he slept on the sofa and came upstairs for some cuddles in the morning.

It was our day off, so S and I tried to come up with some fun things for Paddington to do.

Paddington and Steiff Teddy playing Mega Bloks




First Paddington and Ted sat and played with MegaBloks with S.

Paddington & toddler on M&S checkout




We walked into town, and S and Ted sat on the checkout in M&S while I paid for our shopping. There was a cheese straw involved because that is the best way to get my child to be even vaguely amenable when shopping.

Paddington watching Paddington movie trailer





Paddington showed us the trailer for his latest movie. We were impressed. He’s very down to earth, for a movie star.

toddler putting pom poms in a bottle




Paddington and Ted watched S putting pom poms into a bottle. She was very good at it because she likes to do it every day (and then Mummy has to get the pom poms out with her expensive eyebrow tweezers so they’re ready for the next day)

Paddington in bed with rainbow blanket



We made a special bed for Paddington, using the blanket a friend knitted for S when she was born. He loved it and slept a lot more soundly than S. (perhaps it was the blanket… perhaps I should consider putting her to bed under this blanket tonight…)

Paddington watching toddler put pipe cleaners in bottle



On the days S went to nursery, Paddington stayed home and played with her toys. When she came home, he watched her playing all sorts of fun games. In this picture, she is putting pipe cleaners into a bottle. This wasn’t as popular as the pom poms though, so she didn’t do it again.

Toddler reading story to Paddington and teddy




S enjoyed reading stories to Paddington and Ted. They enjoyed the stories and the animal noises that went with them.

Paddington eating an orange





Paddington tried a piece of orange. I thought he’d like it because that’s what marmalade is made from, but he wasn’t so keen. I hate fussy house guests.

Paddington watches toddler doing puzzles




On Saturday we went to Nana’s. She was out, which was handy. We used the time to make a mess of her house and leave hundreds and thousands all over the sofa. Paddington and S attempted a puzzle, but ended up just leaving the wooden blocks in cleverly irritating places.

Big Paddington meets small Paddington





While we were at Nana’s we found a very old Paddington. His hat and coat were the wrong way round, but he was still smiling.

kids on bikes with Paddington




After Nana’s, we walked to Auntie Lou and Uncle Lew’s house. They have children who are just the right age for playing, and the sort of garden that’s perfect for such things. Paddington and S commandeered her cousin’s old trike and rode around the garden like cool dudes.

Paddington reads a Paddington book





When we came home, we read a book about Paddington going to the beach. Paddington was very good about keeping the ending a secret.

sorting coloured pasta into bowls.



Paddington, Ted and Fluffy Bunny (a present from Kit) enjoyed watching S sort coloured pasta into different pots. Considering how long it took Mummy to paint the blummin pasta, we really thing S should have enjoyed it a little more.

Paddington and cuddly rabbit





Paddington and Fluffy Bunny enjoyed sitting in Paddington’s bed together while we ate tea. I think they were getting a little too close though, and I dread to think what the children would look like – so they were separated at bed time.

Paddington in the shower







Paddington was a little gutted not to be allowed to share S’s bath, so we sat him on the toys in the corner to watch. He got a bit bored though, and fell in… so he had to go to bed instead. Naughty Paddington!


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Kez Condy · 21/03/2014 at 09:06

Sounds like Paddington had lots of fun! What a lucky Bear :-)

Michelle Moms Are Frugal · 21/03/2014 at 19:49

That bear looks loved!

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